Two-Time WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart & Puma Debut The ‘Stewie 3’s Dawn Edition’ Paris

Two-time WNBA Champion Breanna Stewart was recently in Paris to promote the third installment of her shoe with Puma, called the Stewie 3s, which will drop next month. Just in time for the 2024 Olympics that will be taken place in Paris, France from Jul 26, 2024 to Aug 11, 2024.


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The latest edition to the Stewie line is called, the “Dawn’ edition, which celebrates the two-time WNBA Final’s MVP journey with color wave and patterns. According to Puma, it is inspired by Stewart’s career to date, the shoe features fiery tones and floral designs showcasing her family and experiences.

As a tribute to Tokyo, the cherry blossom, or Sakura, symbolizes the fleeting splendor of existence and the resilience of nature. Also drawing concept from Rio Brazil, mainly the golden trumpet tree`s high-quality floral display.

At the coronary heart of the Stewie 3`s format lies a deep connection to Spain, symbolized thru the incredible red carnation blooms that enhance its surface. The red carnation serving as tribute to Stewie`s spouse, Marta, while the outsole of the shoe silhouette, pays homage to Stewie`s daughter, Ruby and her preference to develop the game.

Per Puma, The Stewie 3 Dawn’s are built to maximize preference with grip and a dual-density Profoam+ midsole, and comfort.

“It’s an honor to be able to incorporate part of my story into the Stewie 3: the people I love, and some of the places that have been integral to my journey. I’m excited to share my third signature shoe with the world, and what better way than to unveil it in Paris, host city to this Summer’s Olympics,” said Stewart.

Stewart along with the rest of the Team USA Women’s Basketball team is looking to secure their 8th gold medal in a row later this year.

Last month, while speaking with women’s sports personality Ari Chambers for Team, Stewart was asked what does she place her energy into and how does she keep moving forward.

“I think I’m placing my energy into the fact that this will be my third Olympics, hopefully,” said Stewart.

“One when I was really young, one where I was kind of still shown the ropes from Sue and Dee. And now understanding that being one of those leaders in this group, and wanting to make sure that, hopefully my streak will be as long as theirs one day. And as you know, the goal is always gold.”

Earlier this year, in an interview with Hartford Courant, Stewart was asked to name her

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