Tom Brady Has Merged TB12 & Brady Brand With Mike Repole’s NoBull

In a strategic and visionary move, former superstar quarterback Tom Brady is joining forces with sportswear company NoBull, merging his wellness company TB12 and his apparel venture Brady Brand. The collaboration positions Brady as the second-largest shareholder in NoBull, right behind sports drink entrepreneur Mike Repole, who acquired a majority interest in NoBull last summer through his private equity arm Impact Capital. This groundbreaking merger not only sets the stage for a new era in wellness and activewear but also signifies a powerful partnership between two titans in their respective fields.


Founded in 2015 by former Reebok executives Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer, NoBull has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the athletic footwear and apparel industry. With a global presence and a commitment to quality, NoBull has captured the attention of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Now, with the addition of Tom Brady and his wellness company TB12, NoBull is poised to elevate its status and become a complete wellness company with a focus on nutrition and performance.

Mike Repole, the driving force behind NoBull’s recent success, envisions a broader impact on people’s lives beyond just activewear. The merger allows NoBull to expand its offerings into wellness-related products, including protein and supplements while introducing a media component featuring promotional content narrated by Tom Brady. This innovative approach aims to differentiate NoBull from other apparel retailers and establish it as a holistic wellness brand.


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In a video interview, Mike Repole expressed the excitement and emotional significance of the collaboration, emphasizing the opportunity to give back and influence as many people as possible. The merger not only combines resources but also unites two visionary leaders who share a commitment to excellence and a drive to overcome challenges.

Tom Brady, speaking about the collaboration, highlighted the tremendous teams already in place and the shared humility to understand the difficulties ahead. Both Brady and Repole have faced challenges throughout their careers and are now prepared to navigate the competitive activewear space, which includes major players like Lululemon and Brooks Running.

With Mike Repole’s track record of turning brands into billion-dollar powerhouses, including the successful sale of BodyArmor to Coca-Cola, the goal for NoBull is clear – to become a billion-dollar brand. Brady’s involvement is seen as a catalyst for achieving this ambitious objective. The deal encompasses not only apparel but also footwear and nutrition products that were previously housed under the TB12 and Brady brands.

The merger also has broader implications, as Tom Brady is now officially a partner with the NFL. This partnership stems from the NFL’s investment in NoBull in 2022 through the league’s venture capital fund, 32 Equity. NoBull will sponsor the league’s upcoming scouting combine for the second consecutive year, representing a full-circle moment for Brady, who previously had legal disputes with the NFL.

While an initial public offering (IPO) is potentially on the table, Mike Repole emphasizes that the current focus is on giving back and motivating the next generation. The collaboration aims to be more than a business venture; it’s about making a positive impact on the wellness and motivation of individuals, from Gen Alpha to Gen Z.

The merger of Tom Brady’s TB12 and Brady Brand with NoBull marks a significant chapter in the worlds of wellness and activewear. As two industry titans join forces, the partnership has the potential to reshape the landscape and bring about a new era in holistic wellness offerings. With a shared vision, a commitment to excellence, and a focus on impacting lives, Brady and Repole are set to propel NoBull to new heights, making it not just an apparel brand but a wellness powerhouse for generations to come.

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