The Kelce Brothers: Disrupters, Pioneers, and Visionaries Building an Unparalleled Empire Brick by Brick

Kansas City Chiefs future Hall of Famer Travis Kelce not only makes headlines for his on-field performances but also for his savvy business ventures. Together with his brother and former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, Travis is making an impression in the entrepreneurial world by investing in the beverage, and media industries. reports that Travis Kelce has made a total of $76,943,975 from the NFL, and Jason has earned $81,708,745 in his 13-year NFL career. 

Jason is preparing to join, ‘Monday Night Countdown,’ on ESPN, after he was officially hired last month

“Jason is a highly respected, Super Bowl Champion with a strong connection to fans,” said Burke Magnus, ESPN President of Content. “Walking off the field and immediately to ESPN, viewers will benefit from his perspective which has been shaped through his years as an established locker room leader and a future Hall of Fame center. Jason’s addition to Monday Night Countdown will greatly strengthen our NFL coverage.”

Jason Kelce added: “Turns out, it was a short retirement! I’m excited to join ESPN, and particularly the Monday Night Countdown team. ESPN was a consistent presence in our household growing up and the network helped shape who I am and my love of all sports. To now appear on that same screen is a full circle moment. And, I mean it’s freaking Monday Night Football! and I’m ready for some football.”

The Kelce Brother partnership is making a big impact on media with their podcast, ‘New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce’, which reportedly could net the brothers an estimated $100 million with streaming company Amazon, Eric Silver told MarketWatch.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was $100 million,” podcast company Multitude’s head of development.”

“Companies want Jason and Travis Kelce’s podcast because of the deep relationship they have with their audiences.” 

Per Zoomph, New Heights earned more than 1.92 million views per episode, up 98% or nearly double last year’s average of 973 thousand views per episode.

The brothers’ business ventures do not stop there as they recently invested in the Ohio-based light beer company, Garage Beer, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. 

“Jason and Travis Kelce have become the largest Investors in the fast-growing independent light beer Garage Beer,” Schefter tweeted. 

“It’s the first time the brothers are significant owners and operators in a business together.”

Kelce Brothers Distrupting What Could Be A $1315.00 Billion Beer Industry By 2031 With Latest Investment 

According to, Travis and Jason Kelce’s investment in Garage Beer is set to disrupt what could be an estimated $1315.46 billion industry by 2031. Garage Beer, which is located in Columbus, Ohio, is the Kelce brothers’ first joint venture, with a focus on quality and simplicity. This philosophy is highlighted by Jason Kelce: “People crave quality and simplicity, and Garage Beer nails both for me. We are light beer drinkers, and Garage is the best light beer. For me, the brand fits my lifestyle, and having a few beers is a great excuse to get the neighbors together.”

Travis Kelce reiterated his brother’s remarks, highlighting the communal nature of beer.  “It comes down to quality for me. I think everyone knows I like to have a couple of beers now and then, so being an owner of Garage Beer and heavily involved in making the best light beer is exciting, man! There is nothing better to bring people together than an ice-cold beer, and for Jason and me, that is what beer is all about – friends, family, and fun. I have worked with Andy for years, and I really trust the team and their approach to running the business. We look forward to taking Garage Beer to the next level.”

Andy Sauer, who is the co-owner of Garage Beer, stated, “The garage is a symbol for building stronger communities one beer at a time, and I think we can all use more time with friends, family, and neighbors to talk, smile, laugh, and enjoy that time together.”

Travis Kelce’s Brand Partnerships and Investments

Travis Kelce’s off-field earnings are estimated to be $5 million, according to the New York Post, due to his brand partnerships. His increasing popularity suggests that this number could increase. Kelce has signed major endorsement deals with Nike, Bud Light, State Farm, and Pfizer. Pfizer recently released an ad featuring Kelce to promote their new two-in-one flu shot and COVID booster. His collaboration with Experian involves promoting their new digital checking account. In August 2023, the Kelce brothers were part of a Campbell Soup commercial alongside their mother, Donna Kelce.

Travis Kelce has demonstrated his business acumen and diverse interests through his investment portfolio. Cholula Hot Sauce, Hydrow, PlayersTV, RealTruck, Casa Azul Tequila Soda, and Drink Accelerator are just a few of the notable investments that come to mind. Kelce’s strategy of aligning with brands that resonate with his personal values and interests is evident in each investment. Cholula Hot Sauce symbolizes his appreciation for authentic, high-quality flavors, whilst Hydrow symbolizes his dedication to fitness and innovative home workout solutions. Kelce can use his celebrity status to engage with fans on an intimate level through PlayersTV, an athlete-owned media network. RealTruck is aligned with Kelce’s tough, American persona, highlighting his passion for performance and customization.

A Dynamic Duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce: Expanding Horizons

In addition to these ventures, Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs teammate Patrick Mahomes have invested in the hospitality industry with Chicken N Pickle, a unique sports and entertainment venue, and 1587 Prime Steakhouse, offering premium dining experiences. Their partnership goes beyond Otro Capital, who is the parent company of Alpine F1, they invest in innovative startups and growth opportunities. The dynamic pair is a force to be reckoned with on and off the field, with a keen understanding of profitable ventures and the capacity to effectively diversify their investment portfolios.

Travis and Jason Kelce are revolutionizing the definition of professional athletes by having a significant impact in the media and beverage industry. The focus of their ventures is not solely on business, but rather on building communities, sharing stories, and creating lasting legacies beyond their illustrious football careers.

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