The Biggest Players In The World Took Over Vogue World Paris

Vogue World Paris celebrated the fusion of sports and fashion, with athletes taking the lead alongside models. Maria Sharapova, Casper Ruud, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Victor Wembanyama, along with other notable athletes, emphasized that the event was about blending athleticism with high fashion.

Serena Williams wore a sports jersey top and silk gauze skirt designed by Ib Kamara, while Venus Williams wore a custom dress designed by Marine Serre from recycled tennis bags. Several NFL players, including Joe Burrow, walked the runway in a black suit with satin lapels designed by Peter Do during the event.


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Maria Sharapova: Utilitarian Elegance at Wimbledon

Hello Magazine reported that Maria Sharapova’s sartorial prowess was once again demonstrated by her utilitarian style in a crisp white jumpsuit. A sophisticated, streamlined look that exemplified effortless elegance and confidence was given by the tailored outfit that featured wide-leg pants and a belted waist. The tennis legend completed her look with pointed-toe heels and a small white handbag, displaying her impeccable style and timeless grace.


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Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, And Serge Ibaka: NBA Fashion Icons in Paris

Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Serge Ibaka were spotted mingling with celebrities at the Vogue World show in Paris on Sunday. Their unique styles caught the attention of the former OKC Thunder teammates, who were well-known for their impeccable fashion sense. The fashion brand ‘Honor The Gift‘ is owned by Westbrook and he shares a strong connection with the City of Light, having showcased his collection there. Their attendance at the event showed that they were not only elite athletes but also influential figures in the fashion world.

Westbrook’s love for fashion is evident. Despite his controversial decisions, he remains steadfast in

his personal style. His outfit for the Vogue World show embodied the ‘Why Not’ ethos of his brand, featuring an all-brown ensemble complete with a matching cap. Ibaka put on a monochromatic all-black ensemble that highlighted his impressive 6-foot-11 frame with a wide-shouldered suit. In contrast to their outfits, Anthony selected a vibrant, multi-colored look that exuded a casual yet fashionable vibe. The unique look of each athlete at the event showed their individuality and confidence in their clothing.

Serge Ibaka stands out among the trio even though he doesn’t have his own apparel brand. Nobis and Empire Customs, both based in Canada, have been collaborating with him to create some of the most anticipated pregame outfits in Toronto Raptors history. In 2022, Carmelo Anthony introduced ‘STAYME7OTM’, which initially consisted of casual clothing such as hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts. The brand’s varsity jackets have been a favorite among fans for a while now, and they reflect Anthony’s laid-back, stylish personality.

Out of the three, Russell Westbrook is the most prominent entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Honor The Gift, his brand, is founded on tradition and history, and reflects the innovative ideas that he collects from events such as Paris fashion shows. Westbrook’s dedication to his brand was evident last year when he rented a showroom in Paris to present his collection, highlighting his vision of bold to casual styles. This venture demonstrates how the former NBA MVP transforms his off-court passions into a profitable fashion business.

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Joe Burrow and Justin Jefferson: Embracing Fashion in the City of Light

The event, which was held by the famous fashion brand, featured Bengals’ quarterback Burrow sharing the runway with his ex-LSU teammate and current Minnesota Vikings player, Justin Jefferson. Vogue reported that the pair spent the week immersed in Parisian culture, attending various fashion events, and receiving an exclusive tour of the luxury fashion house Hermes. Their visit to Paris was not only about fashion, but also about personal development and taking risks outside their comfort zones. “I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person, [and] I think walking in the show is a great way to do that,” Burrow told Vogue.

At the Vogue World Paris fashion show, Joe Burrow drew attention with his black suit with satin lapels designed by Peter Do. As he confidently walked the catwalk on the streets of Paris, the event was enlivened by a range of captivating performances, including a Japanese drum corps, martial arts groups, and supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner making dramatic entrances on horseback. A surprise appearance by pop star Katy Perry was added to the spectacle. The intersection of sports and fashion was celebrated at Vogue World Paris through the combination of high fashion, athleticism, and dynamic performances.

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Kyle Kuzma: Fashion and Fun in Paris

Kyle Kuzma, the Washington Wizards forward, is making the most of his offseason with a globetrotting adventure that includes stops at glamorous locales like Monaco for Formula 1, serene Lake Como, and the star-studded Cannes Film Festival alongside his girlfriend, Winnie Harlow. His journey culminates in Paris for fashion week, an essential pilgrimage for the self-professed fashion and art aficionado. Following his attendance at the spectacular Vogue World show at Place Vendôme, Kuzma spoke candidly about his laid-back approach to the Parisian nightlife scene, admitting, “I don’t know the exact place. I just show up. I get in the car and enjoy.”

Kuzma’s fashion journey is marked by a deep appreciation for avant-garde designers, particularly Rick Owens, whom he admires for his expansive runway spectacles and distinctive aesthetic. His Instagram feed serves as a testament to his devotion to Owens, reflecting his belief that fashion serves as a universal language and a catalyst for instant connections. Beyond clothing, Kuzma is passionate about accessorizing, with a penchant for designer sunglasses that he views as essential for adding flair to any ensemble. His eclectic taste extends to watches, where he sees each timepiece not just as a functional accessory but as a coveted work of art and conversation piece. His recent acquisition, a rare Patek Philippe Nautilus, underscores his dedication to collecting pieces that embody exclusivity and craftsmanship.

When not attending high-profile fashion events, Kuzma immerses himself in the Parisian lifestyle, frequenting iconic spots like Hôtel Costes for its fashionable ambiance and notable restaurants such as Girafe and Siena. Kuzma’s approach to fashion is not about passive participation; it’s a form of self-expression that allows him to express his identity and personal style. As he aptly puts it, ‘I wear the clothes, and it’s just me.’ In every aspect of his global adventures and sartorial choices, Kyle Kuzma exemplifies a modern-day connoisseur who effortlessly blends luxury, culture, and individuality.

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Victor Wembanyama: Blending Sports and High Fashion at Vogue World Paris

Victor Wembanyama, the NBA’s 2024 Rookie Of The Year, made a significant appearance at Vogue World to close out Paris Fashion Week 2024, according to Wembanyama, who is known for his outstanding basketball skills, gracefully transitioned from basketball to high fashion, showcasing a different aspect of his versatile persona.

Wembanyama’s entry into Vogue World is a pivotal moment, not only for his growing career but also for the intersection of sports and fashion. Designers who wanted to experiment with proportions and silhouettes drew inspiration from his towering frame. Wembanyama embodied the essence of a modern-day style icon by exuding a confident aura while wearing custom creations that blended streetwear cool with sophistication.

Maria Sharapova, Victor Wembanyama, Russell Westbrook, and Kyle Kuzma are leading the way in the evolution of sports and fashion. Vogue World Paris’ events highlight the seamless blend of athleticism and style, highlighting the impact of sports figures in the fashion world. These athletes are continuing to break barriers and redefine what it means to be a modern-day style icon, demonstrating that sports and fashion are more interconnected than ever.

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