Tennis Legend Gigi Fernandez Turned Entrepreneur Provides Tennis Fans Offers Once In A Lifetime Travel Experiences

Gigi Fernandez, who was born in Puerto Rico, currently lives with her family in Tampa, Florida. In 1997, she retired from professional tennis after a career that was full of remarkable achievements, such as winning 17 Grand Slam championships and two Olympic gold medals. Gigi represented the United States in the Olympics and achieved the world’s No. 1 ranking in doubles. During her career as a singles player, she achieved the highest world ranking of No. 17 in 1991.

Transitioning Into Coaching and Beyond

After retiring, Gigi shifted her focus to coaching, sharing her extensive knowledge with aspiring tennis players. She instructs players in doubles tennis through Master Doubles with Gigi Clinics and Doubles Boot Camps. Working alongside renowned doubles players like Rennae Stubbs, Lisa Raymond, and Samantha Stosur, Gigi has helped them reach significant milestones in their careers.

Gigi’s coaching career included serving as the University of Florida’s coach and working with the Puerto Rican national team. She is a graduate of Rollins College’s Crummer School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in business administration.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Personal Life

Gigi Fernandez is a person who has many talents. She is not only a tennis player, but also a mother of twins, a stockbroker, and a financial advisor, according to In 2010, Baby Goes Pro was launched by her to teach children age-appropriate skills for multiple sports, including baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and tennis.

Gigi’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to “experiential travel,” providing tennis fans with unique opportunities to learn and play tennis in exclusive settings. She offers experiences like attending the French Open, Wimbledon, or Indian Wells, and playing tennis with renowned players such as Andy Roddick.

Gigi Fernandez Makes  A Second Appearance On Bravo’s Hit Show Below Deck

The tennis legend Gigi Fernandez appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9’s episode 3 on June 17, 2024, making it a notable appearance. Captain Sandy Yawn, renowned for her dedication to delivering top-notch service, greeted Gigi and her long-time friend on the yacht with high hopes. The experience failed to meet the high expectations set for the charter. The yacht’s crew was introduced to Gigi Fernandez, a 60-year-old former tennis player with a distinguished career. The task of impressing her was given to Chef Jono, who faced a daunting challenge. Gigi was unsatisfied because the yacht’s culinary and service standards fell short.

Gigi Fernandez’s recent yacht charter did not meet her high standards when it comes to Below Deck Mediterranean. Due to her previous appearance on Below Deck Season 10, in which she celebrated her 57th birthday with partner Jane Geddes and friends, it was expected that Gigi would have an unforgettable experience.

However, the reality was far from satisfactory. Captain Sandy made an effort to meet Gigi’s high expectations, but Chef Jono had trouble meeting her dietary restrictions and culinary preferences. Gigi’s seafood tacos were too spicy, the chicken main course was not impressive, and the dessert didn’t captivate her.

At breakfast, Gigi’s discontent reached its height when she was given cold eggs, prompting Captain Sandy to have a stern discussion with Chef Jono. Gigi expressed her disappointment, stating that guests on a luxury yacht are expecting a five-star dining experience despite the significant cost involved.

Gigi Fernandez’s tennis legacy is still undeniable, despite the disappointing yacht experience. Many people are still inspired by her illustrious career, entrepreneurial ventures, and contributions to the sport. Gigi’s evolution from a professional athlete to a successful coach and businesswoman is a testament to her versatility and persistence.

Gigi Fernandez is still a prominent figure in the world of sports and beyond while balancing her roles as a mother, coach, entrepreneur, and tennis ambassador.

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