Sheldon Bailey Talks Collaberation With Def Jam Records, Tote & Carry, And WaleMania

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WrestleMania weekend is always a must-see TV event. This year was no different with events on the Indy Pro Wrestling circuit, and numerous fan conventions in Philadelphia. Another mainstay event during WrestleMania is WaleMania, which took place at Franklin Music Hall on April 4.


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There were numerous Wrestling personalities such as Big E, Rob Van Dam, Samantha Irvin, Ricochet, Katie Forbes, R-Truth, Montel Vontavious Porter [MVP], Omos, Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, Mia Yim, Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford, Daphanie LaShaunn, AJ ‘Dolla’ Francis, and many more.

Last October, Wale inked a new deal with Def Jam Records, according to TMZ. Then proceeded to drop his first single “Max Julien” after joining the label. After TMZ broke the news, Wale shared on Instagram that the deal happened months before, but kept it under wraps.

“My silence has been golden….see you on Friday. Folarin back,” he wrote on his Instagram.


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Another celeb that was in the building was Sheldon Bailey, as he did a collaboration with Def Jam Records and luggage company, Tote & Carry to deliver Wale a custom Def Jam Championship belt. Bailey is known for his roles in Game Shakers, Shameless, and ATM in the NBA 2k My Player series. Sheldon Bailey recently spoke to PlayersTV about his collaberation with Def Jam Records, Tote & Carry , and being in attendance at WaleMania. 

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“Last week WaleMania went down. The rapper Wale, who is associated with the huge sports and entertainment business, that is WWE. So, I collaborated with Def Jam Record & Tote & Carry . Tote & Carry is a luggage company and they made custom WaleMania bags. 20 exclusive bags, but one special for Wale, whether Def Jam because he is new to the label,” said Bailey.

“Def Jam presented Wale with a Def Jam custom championship belt. The belt came in this custom Tote & Carry bag and then Wale put the belt on and they rocked out there in Philly. There were many artists and different wrestlers, including Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander. It was a mixture of artists and wrestlers such as Beanie Sigel, SwoleWorld, and DJ Gigi Rosa.”

Last month, Wale was part of the bill at Miami Music Week and performed singles like “Bad” and “Lotus Flower Bomb.” Wale also performed an unreleased track with Miami Dolphins Cornerback Jalen Ramsey in audience, according to

After Wale’s stellar overall performance, DJ Dimples seamlessly took the honors, infusing the afternoon with Grand Marnier’s signature flair and expertly combining numerous genres into impromptu remixes that left attendees wanting more. The Grand Marnier event proved to be the highlight of Miami Music Week, attracting a diverse crowd of social media influencers, artists and sports icons. Grand Encounter demonstrated the power of surprising combinations and inspired participants to find comparable stories in their own lives.

For those who can’t wait for the occasion, Billboard’s social media platforms offer a glimpse into the fascinating experience, promising more to come from Grand Marnier and Billboard. Whether enjoying the precious essence of Grand Marnier while enjoying excellent hip-hop or playing it in other settings, responsible consumption remains paramount and ensures that everyone who comes with Grand Marnier is memorable and safe.

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