Russell Wilson and Future Zahir Wilburn Reveal New Gear 3Brand’s New York Office

NFL star Russell Wilson and his stepson Future Zahir Wilburn stepped into the limelight at the highly anticipated 3Brand event. Excitement filled the air as fans and fashion enthusiasts gathered to catch a glimpse of the dynamic duo and the unveiling of the latest gear from their brand.

“We have all this new gear that we’re coming out with, we’re super excited,” exclaimed Russell Wilson in a video posted on his Instagram page. “We’re big on motivation and inspiration,” he added, hinting at the primary reflection of the 3Brand.


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Wilson and Wilburn took center stage as the event kicked off, radiating charisma and confidence. Dressed in sleek athletic wear from their own brand, they epitomized the fusion of sports and style that 3Brand aims to incorporate.

For Wilson, a Super Bowl champion and one of the NFL’s most prominent quarterbacks, venturing into the world of fashion represents a natural evolution. Beyond his accomplishments on the field, Wilson has become a beacon of leadership and inspiration, both within the sports realm and beyond.

Meanwhile, Future Zahir Wilburn, the son of Grammy Award-winning rapper Future and singer Ciara, brings his own youthful flair to the brand. Despite his tender age, Wilburn has already captivated audiences with his charm and innate sense of style, making him a fitting ambassador for 3Brand’s target demographic.

At the heart of the collection lies a message of empowerment—one that encourages individuals to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, and strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives. From motivational slogans to bold designs, each piece serves as a reminder of the power of self-belief and the importance of staying true to one’s dreams.

In addition to their stylish offerings, Wilson and Wilburn used the platform to share their message of empowerment and resilience. Through personal anecdotes and words of encouragement.

The 3Brand event in New York City served as more than just a showcase of apparel; it was a celebration of ambition, creativity, and the power of collaboration. With Russell Wilson the brand is poised to make waves in the worlds of fashion and beyond, inspiring individuals to strive for greatness in every aspect of their lives.

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