Russell Westbrook: A Pioneer In Fashion, Community And Entrepreneurship

Future Hall of Famer and former league MVP, Russell Westbrook is a man that wears man hats. He is a philosopher, fashion designer, and entrepreneur.

Russell Westbrook is dedicated to community work, with a particular emphasis on initiatives that improve underserved communities, particularly in South Los Angeles.

“I want the first thing that pops into people’s minds when they think of Los Angeles and the underserved to be Russell Westbrook and the work we are doing in the community,” he shared with

Westbrook has made a commitment to building 180 affordable homes in South Los Angeles. This initiative is focused on providing housing solutions to low-income families and addressing homelessness in the region, according to Yahoo & Black Enterprise.

To create job opportunities for youth and adults in the community, the Why Not Foundation, and Westbrook has partnered with nonprofit organizations including LeadersUp to bring them into South LA.

Digital Divide helped students with virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing over 1,000 laptops, according to Why Not Foundation.

Westbrook’s efforts demonstrate his dedication to having a positive impact outside of the court, with a focus on education, housing, and community development.

Per The Why Not Foundation, Why not pursue education and career advancement? The Why Not? The program was established by The Westbrook Foundation. Academy is a charter school located in South LA. The foundation and the LA Promise Fund collaborate to construct educational paths that involve STEAM packages for middle school girls and digital training programs.

Westbrook has helped refurbish numerous basketball courts through the Clippers Community Courts project, including the Russell Westbrook Community Court at Jesse Owens Park. The objective of this project is to provide safe and accessible spaces for youth to engage in sports and physical activity, according to Spectrum News.

Yahoo Finance reported, The Why Not? Annual events hosted by the Foundation include the Thanksgiving Food Distribution, which provides meals to families in need. Last year, South LA received 1,500 meals from them.

Russell Westbrook Has Made His Mark On The World Of Fashion

Through various ventures and collaborations, Russell Westbrook has made a significant impact in the fashion world. ‘Honor the Gift’, his primary fashion company, was established in 2017 and reflects the themes of resilience, strength, and community from his upbringing in Los Angeles. The brand has a variety of clothing and accessories, all of which emphasize a blend of high fashion and streetwear. Honor the Gift consistently releases seasonal collections, such as a Spring/Summer 2024 collection that was inspired by the 70s and debuted at Paris Fashion Week, according to

Per, A capsule collection was created by Westbrook and Barneys New York featuring jerseys, sunglasses, windbreakers, and carryalls that were both sporty and stylish. In this collaboration, he showcased his skill in blending modern essentials with a distinct fashion-forward approach

Westbrook’s unique style has been brought to his signature sneakers by partnering with Jordan Brand since 2012. These collaborations demonstrate his aptitude for blending athletic performance with fashion, leading to the popularity of his shoes both on and off the court, according to The Fashion Studies Journal.

By pursuing these initiatives, Westbrook has established himself as a significant figure in the fashion industry, utilizing his platform to influence and motivate both sports and fashion.

Russell Westbrook Is Also An Entrepreneur

Russell Westbrook has made numerous investments in companies like BlocPower, OP3N, and Shef within the energy services, social/platform software, and restaurants, hotels, and leisure industries, according to Last June, Westbrook invested in BlocPower, which is a company in the energy services industry.

Donnel Baird, CEO, is the founder and CEO of BlocPower, which uses proprietary software to analyze, lease, manage projects, and monitor clean energy projects since 2014. The company has completed energy projects in more than 5,000 households, commercial buildings, and houses of worship. BlocPower utilizes its own software to analyze, lease, manage projects, and monitor clean energy projects.

“Since 2014, BlocPower has focused on decarbonizing America’s urban core, developing the green economy’s workforce, and bringing climate justice to underserved and vulnerable communities. We are fighting the climate crisis while improving quality of life for city residents. Series B equity and working capital financing from Goldman Sachs will allow us to accelerate building decarbonization across America. We will help low-to-moderate income communities to access the benefits of President Biden’s once in a lifetime green economy investments,” said Baird.

Russell Westbrook, also owns Russell Westbrook Enterprises, which he founded in 2008. The company includes investment in  Varo Bank, Genies, and Arizona Athletic Grounds, digital advertising business called RW Digital, airlines, and A+E Networks, according to

Last month, Westbrook invested in Little Kitchen Academy as an Advisory Board Member, The cooking school that is renowned for its Montessori-inspired approach.

“Our family loves Little Kitchen Academy. Nina and I take our kids there and have seen firsthand the impact their programs have had on them. It’s because of this, that I want to help provide access to their incredible programs to kids who may not otherwise have access,” said Westbrook. “I’m excited to join the advisory board and partner with their team. Their programs combine culinary education with practical life skills while fostering creativity, curiosity and independence setting them up for success in the kitchen and beyond.”

Brian Curin, CEO & Co-Founder of Little Kitchen Academy added, ““We are beyond thrilled to have Russell Westbrook join our Little Kitchen Academy family as both an investor and an advisory board member.”

“We are in awe of his inspiring dedication to empowering young people, along with his wife Nina. Together, our families will continue changing lives from scratch impacting thousands of kids by providing access to practical life skills and food literacy creating a more educated, independent, and healthier society.”

Russell Westbrook’s transition from NBA superstar to fashion icon and community champion exemplifies his many talents and unwavering commitment to making a difference. Through his fashion company, community initiatives, and entrepreneurial ventures, Westbrook’s influence extends beyond sports.

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