Ron Artest On Missing Out On Vitamin Water: A Lesson in Investing

Ron Artest, who went by the name Metta Sandiford-Artest in the NBA, opened up about a major missed investment opportunity during his basketball career in a candid conversation with Prince Dykes on The Investor Show. Artest shared his thoughts on his decision and the lessons he learned after being offered the chance to invest in Vitamin Water by fellow Queens native 50 Cent.

In the interview, Artest revealed, “I wanted the cash. But what I understand now, if I raise capital right now, and we want to invest that into a company, right, and then, let’s say, uh, an acquisition is about to happen, and I want to go to a celebrity, hey, you should invest, and we want to use your likeness, and this should multiply your investment. Right? I didn’t understand that sequence at that time.”

Artest was occupied with his career as a top defender in the NBA, playing for the Sacramento Kings at the time of the offer. “Yeah. I’m like, you know, I mean, like, Sacramento Kings, I’m the best defender in the league right now. Where the cash at, and that’s the mindset that was there at that time,” he explained. The investment opportunity was not taken advantage of due to his focus on immediate financial gain.

Coca-Cola acquired Vitamin Water for $3 billion a few months later, which resulted in significant returns for those who invested early, including 50 Cent. “And then about three months later, Coke buys it for 3 billion. And then I hear, oh, 50 exited,” Artest recounted.  “I was offered the deal before Fifty, shout out to 50 from Queens.”

The missed opportunity is a powerful reminder of the importance of comprehending investment strategies and the potential for long-term gain. Artest’s reflection on this experience shows how he has grown and gained a new understanding of investment principles.


Artest’s conversation with Prince Dykes highlights the valuable lessons that can be learned from missed opportunities. It shows how athletes and celebrities are evolving in their mindset when it comes to financial investments and leveraging their brands for future success.

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