Richard Sherman & Kam Chancellor Bringing Southern Flavor To The Northwest With Legion Sports Bar

Last October Seattle Seahawks legends Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman along with restaurateur Leilani Wong opened a new restaurant in downtown Bellevue, Washington. The restaurant is called Legion Sports Bar located inside Lincoln Square North.

PlayersTV recently spoke with Richard Sherman at the Champion of Change charity basketball game about his new restaurant.

“Well, it’s something that Kam [Chancellor] has been passionate about, I’ve been passionate about, and our partner Leilani [Wong] has passionate about, and we thought it would be the perfect location,” said Sherman.

“It’s something that Bellevue doesn’t really have, and the Eastside doesn’t really have soul food, or that vibe. We wanted to create an ambience that people can relate to. [Something] that can enjoy, players can come in, and fans. Just enjoy sports and brotherhood just like we imagine it. “

The bar has a high-end soul food menu, comfortable sports bar seating, and 25 big screen TVs for watching the games, according to

Per King 5 News, opening Legion Sports Bar was a three year project with restaurateur Leilani Wong, who previously owned Bungalow at Juanita Beach in Kirkland Washington.

“It’s been a wild ride,” she said

 “Kam was in here putting together tables. He hung every one of these TVs, I kid you not.”

Chancellor added, “It’s surreal, it’s gratifying. Because you think about all the people that put their hands into getting this place looking how it is now. I think it’s definitely gratifying to see it all come to life now and we’re just ready for everyone to get a taste of it.”

When Legion Sports Bar opened its doors to the public last October, it represented more than just a dining venue; it’s a testament to the passion, hard work, and community.

Bellevue’s social scene will be enhanced by the bar’s unique blend of high-end soul food and an inviting sports atmosphere. Legion Sports Bar offers an experience that’s hard to beat, whether you’re into sports, food, or just hanging out with friends. This new hot spot is set to unite people for a celebration of sports, food, and camaraderie with the help of Chancellor, Sherman, and Wong.

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