Professional Boxer Kevin Montaño Using No Más Promotions To Teach Sponsorships Education

Kevin Montaño ’20 (Kinesiology) is a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional boxing, boasting an undefeated record and a passion for education that sets him apart from his peers. As a substitute teacher, youth boxing coach, and budding promoter, Montaño’s unique blend of athletic prowess and academic achievement has given him a leg up in both fields, according to
Montaño’s journey began with humble beginnings, sleeping on a couch with his older brother in a one-bedroom home in Richmond. He discovered boxing at age 8 and quickly fell in love with the sport, despite being an undersized novice. His first win, against all odds, ignited a passion that continues to drive him today.
As a Kinesiology major at Sacramento State, Montaño leveraged his education to enhance his athletic pursuits. He utilized The WELL’s facilities to continue training, and his coursework helped him understand the importance of listening to his body and recovering from injury. The mutually beneficial relationship between his sport and education became clear: boxing provided a much-needed break from studying, while his coursework helped him develop a strong work ethic and persistence.
Montaño’s academic achievements also paid off in a more literal sense, as he secured scholarships from boxing organizations to support his training and education. He notes that many boxers lack the education to secure sponsorships, market themselves effectively, and navigate the sport’s business side. He hopes to address this gap through his budding promotion agency, No Más Promotions.
As “No Más” Montaño, he has racked up an impressive 5-0 professional record, with his next fight scheduled for May 18. Despite his success, he remains committed to education, working part-time as a substitute teacher and teaching youth boxing at his home gym, Flawless Boxing.
Montaño credits Sacramento State for nurturing his love of boxing and education, and he’s excited about the potential for partnership with the university’s new Combat U program. With his unique blend of athletic and academic achievements, Montaño is poised to make a lasting impact in both the boxing and education worlds.

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