Empowering Futures: Prince Dykes and Terrell Davis’ Journey in Financial Literacy



Courtesy of Prince Dykes


In the field of financial empowerment, Prince Dykes serves as the Managing Partner at Royal Financial Investment Group. Additionally, he is a Co-Founder of the Global Children Financial Literacy Foundation, a respected author, and a retired US Navy Chief. Dykes has not only contributed significantly to financial education but has also embarked on a collaborative journey with Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Davis, creating a captivating series of financial literacy books for fathers and sons.

The series, initiated with Dykes’ own son Wesley Dykes, comprises impactful titles such as “Wesley Learns to Invest,” “Wesley Learns About Credit,” and “Wesley Learns About Insurance.”

The latest addition to this enlightening series is set to be unveiled on April 12th, 2024, with a special launch event at the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club. Titled “Wesley Learns About Real Estate Featuring NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis,” this fourth book introduces a new dimension by involving Davis’s children – Jaxson, Dylan, and Myles Davis.

When asked about the choice of April for the book release, Dykes revealed, “The month of April is financial literacy month.” This strategic decision aligns with the commitment both Dykes and Davis share in promoting financial awareness and education, especially among the younger generation.

The collaboration between Dykes and Davis emerged from a serendipitous encounter during a Real Estate seminar at Empower Field at Mile High. Dykes, having retired from the Navy, stationed in Aurora, CO, and hosting “The Investor Show” podcast, recognized Davis’s expertise in real estate. Despite initial challenges in connecting with Davis, Dykes’s determination led to a pivotal meeting that would shape the trajectory of their collaboration.

Describing the encounter, Dykes stated, “I thought this guy was a joke because all I wanted was a picture with him. I grew up watching him in my high school days with him being with the Broncos winning back-to-back Super Bowls… and he said, ‘hey, you gotta put me in this book.'”

Terrell Davis, reflecting on his involvement in the Wesley Learns series, emphasized the rarity of books effectively conveying financial concepts to children. ““Over the course of my career, I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge about financial literacy and have also seen what happens when individuals lack this education. It’s now my priority to equip young people with the lessons I’ve learned over the years.” said Davis. “I haven’t come across many books that accomplish what the Wesley Learns series does – explaining financial concepts in practical ways for children to understand. I love being a part of the Wesley Learns book series and am excited for the fourth book to be published in the spring.” ” he shared. Davis views this collaboration as an opportunity to impart practical financial wisdom to children and bridge the gap in financial literacy.

As Dykes and Davis gear up for the release of their latest book, their journey epitomizes a shared commitment to arming the younger generation with invaluable financial knowledge. Their collaboration not only enriches the Wesley Learns series but also contributes significantly to the broader mission of fostering financial literacy in children.

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