PlayersTV Releases “No Media” Starring NBA Legend Deron Williams and Comedian Carlos “Famous Los” Sanford, And Ashley Nevel



PlayersTV has 50+ athlete owners and investors across the NFL, NBA, WNBA, and MLB including Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Travis Kelce, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Vernon Davis, Kyrie Irving, AJ Andrews, Angel McCoughtry, Deandre Jordan, Natasha Cloud, and many more


Dallas, TX July 9, 2024 – PlayersTV releases official trailer of ‘The No Media Show,’ hosted by former NBA All-Star Deron Williams, Sports reporter Ashley Nevel, and comedian Famous Los. ‘The No Media Show’ offers lively discussions between guests and hosts providing fresh personal perspectives on a  variety of topics ranging from entertainment, sports to pop culture. 


“No Media on PlayersTV challenges the norm, bringing raw authenticity to sports entertainment.” These guys will keep traditional media personalities and networks honest and accountable, ”  said Deron Guidrey, CO-Founder of PlayersTV.


“For far too long, traditional media has been able to run rampant with little to no accountability, often to the detriment of the athlete-fan connection as they prioritize views and clicks through negativity. No Media embodies a new voice—one directly from athletes—to set the record straight, to finally cut through the noise, and to hold media members accountable, said Collin Castellaw, CO-Founder of PlayersTV.


‘The No Media Show’ focuses on empowering athletes and entertainers, allowing them the opportunity to regain control of their narratives in the media landscape. This weekly show will release new episodes offering insights into the lives of athletes beyond the headlines.


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