PlayersTV Founders Collin Castellaw and Deron Guidrey Executive Produce Super Bowl Soulful Celebration

PlayersTV, the premier destination for sports lifestyle and culture content, is basking in the glow of another triumph. The network’s founders Collin Castellaw and Deron Guidrey have proudly announced their role as executive producers in partnership with the remarkable team behind the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration, an event that aired on CBS on February 10th. Now, fans can relive all the unforgettable moments by streaming them on Paramount Plus.

The Super Bowl Soulful Celebration brought together a fusion of sports, music, and culture, captivating audiences worldwide with its electrifying performances and inspiring messages. As executive producers, PlayersTV’s founders Castellaw and Guidrey played a pivotal role in curating this remarkable event, ensuring that it resonated with viewers on multiple levels.


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“We’re thrilled to have been part of this incredible collaboration.”

“The Super Bowl Soulful Celebration epitomizes the intersection of sports, music, and culture, which are at the core of what we do at PlayersTV. It’s been an honor to work alongside such a talented team and contribute to an event that celebrates diversity, unity, and the power of entertainment to bring people together.”

The Super Bowl Soulful Celebration featured a star-studded lineup of performers, including renowned musicians, athletes, and cultural icons. From soulful renditions of classic hits to powerful spoken word performances, the event offered a rich tapestry of entertainment that left a lasting impression on audiences.

Now, thanks to Paramount Plus, fans have the opportunity to experience the magic of the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration all over again. By streaming the event on Paramount Plus, viewers can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of this unforgettable extravaganza, reliving the energy and excitement of the live broadcast from the comfort of their own homes.

“Whether you’re a sports fan, a music enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates great entertainment, the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration has something for everyone,” added the spokesperson for PlayersTV. “We encourage fans not to miss out on this incredible event, which celebrates the very best of sports, music, and culture.”

As PlayersTV continues to cement its reputation as a leader in sports lifestyle and culture content, its involvement in events like the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration underscores the network’s commitment to delivering compelling and engaging programming to audiences worldwide. With its unique blend of sports, music, and culture, PlayersTV is redefining the entertainment landscape and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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