Patrick Mahomes Launches Ice Coffee Brand Throne Sport Coffee

In a move that signals a shift in the coffee landscape, NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes has unveiled his latest venture: Throne Sport Coffee. This ready-to-drink iced coffee brand is not just another addition to the crowded market; it’s a game-changer.

Teaming up with seasoned beverage industry expert Michael Fedele, Mahomes steps into a new role as the lead investor, marking a significant milestone in his entrepreneurial journey. Throne SPORT COFFEE isn’t just about providing a caffeine fix; it’s about offering a holistic approach to energy for active individuals.

Mahomes, known for his dedication to peak performance both on and off the field, understands the importance of fueling the body with the right ingredients. Throne SPORT COFFEE reflects this ethos, combining natural caffeine, flavors, and sweeteners with essential B vitamins, electrolytes, and BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids).


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In a statement released via, Mahomes emphasized the meticulous attention to ingredients, highlighting his personal commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The launch of Throne SPORT COFFEE is not merely a business venture for Mahomes; it’s a passion project driven by his desire to offer consumers a superior beverage option.

Mahomes isn’t just a silent partner in this endeavor. From marketing strategies to sales initiatives, he’s deeply involved in every aspect of the business. His hands-on approach extends to product development, where he collaborates on innovations to ensure that Throne SPORT COFFEE remains at the forefront of the market.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the venture, Mahomes stated, “I am proud to be part of Throne SPORT COFFEE and to launch and introduce a better iced coffee to the masses.” His excitement is palpable, reflecting the ambition to redefine the on-the-go beverage experience.

Throne SPORT COFFEE hits the shelves with a range of enticing flavors, including Mocha Java, Salted Caramel, French Vanilla, and Black. Available at major retailers such as Casey’s and Hy-Vee, as well as online platforms like Amazon and, it promises convenience without compromising on quality.

What sets Throne SPORT COFFEE apart is its commitment to providing more than just a caffeine boost. With a blend of natural ingredients tailored to support an active lifestyle, it’s poised to become the go-to choice for those seeking sustained energy throughout the day.

As Mahomes embarks on this entrepreneurial journey, he’s not just changing the coffee game; he’s redefining what it means to fuel the body and mind. With Throne SPORT COFFEE, he’s not just selling a product; he’s offering a lifestyle—an invitation to elevate your energy and embrace every moment with vigor.

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