Nike Teases New Alien Logo For Spurs Rookie Victor Wembanyama

Nike Inc. elected to picky back off the full eclipse on Monday by teasing the debut of the 2024 number-one pick Victor Wembanyama’s logo. The Spurs big man’s nickname is the alien, so it is only right, that his logo would resemble that tagline.

The Portland, Oregon-based company launched the ad on X formally known as Twitter, and the commercial starts with, “somewhere in South Texas” as the camera scrolls across a field that showcases the Alien logo in the shape of a basketball, and features Nike imagery.


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Last May, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that Nike’s campaign around Wembanyama would be different than the Alien logo on his hat that was introduce during his draft party. The hat featured the slogan, ‘”Be unique every day”.


“There were people from Nike there, they passed out these really cool hats,” he told The Hoop Collective.

“It says Wemby with an alien logo because LeBron, obviously, called him an alien. I am told, though, that is is not their marketing campaign.

“Their campaign will be built around him being a supernova. I don’t know how that is designed but I’m sure Nike are working on it.”

Wemby has embraced the nickname that was originally given to him by four-time NBA Champion and future Hall of Famer, LeBron James.

”We’re labeling like this unicorn thing—everybody’s been a unicorn over the last few years,” James said. “But he’s more like an alien—no one has seen anyone as tall as he is but as fluid and as graceful as he is on the floor.”

“First of all, I’m really glad he said that because I didn’t like to be called a unicorn,” Wembanyama said. “I like it because it’s just something not from this world. I like being called an alien, yeah. It’s really what I’m working to be—something unique and original.”

Wembanyama first debuted the “Alien” Nike GT Hustle 2 PE with a logo, which he drew by himself back during All-Star Weekend in Indiana, according to Nice Kicks.

“The color green, it looks kinda outer space, you know…alien-like. Green’s a color I really like,” Wembanyama said in reference to his draft day outfit.

The Rookie of the year candidate this season for the Spurs has averaged 21.3 points, 10.7 rebounds, 3.8 assist, and 3.6 blocks per game.

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