NBA Champions Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson Launch ANILLOS MEZCAL

NBA champions and media personalities Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are venturing into the spirits industry with the launch of ANILLOS MEZCAL, a premium and authentic Mezcal available online and in select states later this summer. The brand, named after the Spanish word for “rings,” pays homage to the championship rings won by Barnes and Jackson, as well as the success of their popular digital series, ALL THE SMOKE, which celebrates its fifth anniversary.
ANILLOS MEZCAL is crafted from 100% Agave in Oaxaca, Mexico, the only region authorized to produce and bottle Mezcal, according to ANILLOS MEZCAL.


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Master Mezcalero Edgar Martínez Juárez carefully hand-picked and harvests the agave hearts, resulting in a spirit with a fresh aroma and sweet taste. The Mezcal boasts a unique, gentle smokiness and smooth taste, making it perfect for sipping or mixing into cocktails.
Barnes and Jackson were drawn to Mezcal’s rich history and health benefits, including low sugar and calorie counts. “Mezcal is not only one of the oldest agave spirits but also the purest,” said Barnes.
“We created Anillos for those who value wellness but also enjoy a cocktail at the end of the work week.” Jackson added, “Anillos is a lifestyle and blends organically with our brand. I can’t wait to toast one with you.”
With ANILLOS MEZCAL, Barnes and Jackson aim to bring a unique and authentic spirit to the market, reflecting their passion for the game and their commitment to quality and wellness. As they expand their brand, they invite fans to join them in raising a glass of Anillos Mezcal and toasting to their continued success.

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