PlayersTV Excited To Announce Expectant Media’s CEO Michele Ghee As First Chairwoman, And Alysha Clark & Chiney Ogwumike As Investors-Owners

Last week PlayersTV made a major announcement as the company named Michele Ghee as their first-ever Chairwoman of the board. Ghee, who is the CEO of Expectant Media,  brings with her a very successful resume that spans over three decades. Having stops at EBONY and Jet, EBONY Studios, WME, CNN, A&E, The History Channel, and BET Networks. During her time at BET, Ghee spearheaded BET’s black women’s network BETHer.

“I’m honored to guide and direct this brilliant team of forward thinking individuals to accelerate their growth,” said Ghee. Deron, Collin and the 70-plus athlete owners are more than passionate about sports; they are passionate about the human beings and the stories that transcend the game!”

She added,  “I’m excited and ready to hold the marketplace accountable and help them solidify the partnerships they need to grow and thrive while providing significant value to the brands that support us.” Game on!”

With her new role with PlayersTV as Chairwoman, Ghee looks to lead PlayersTV in a strategic direction, while engaging athlete fans everywhere. Ghee is also dedicated in supporting the growth of black-owned media. Her dedication to diversity and inclusion in the media emphasizing her commitment to magnifying and empowering black voices.

“Michele is an absolute industry powerhouse, and we’re so incredibly excited to have her join the PTV family as our Chairwoman. Her passion, dedication, and tenacity is the perfect blend needed to help change the sports media industry forever,” said Collin Castellaw Co-Founder Of PlayersTV.  

PlayersTV is the first and only athlete-fan owned company, with a roster of athletes investor owners such as athlete owners and investors across the NFL, NBA, WNBA, and MLB including Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Travis Kelce, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Vernon Davis, Kyrie Irving, AJ Andrews, DeAndre Jordan, and Natasha Cloud.

PlayersTV also announced that three-time WNBA Alysha Clark and two-time WNBA All-Star & a full-time Sports Broadcaster, Chiney Ogwumike have also joined the network as investor owners. The addition of Clark and Ogwumike will provide the company with a unique viewpoint in sports, lifestyle, and culture.

Chiney Ogwumike is the host of the Chiney Show, which is a weekly show on PlayersTV, that engages in discussions and interviews. as she embodies greatness on and off the basketball court.

“Joining PlayersTV as an athlete owner and investor is an exciting opportunity for me,” said Ogwumike.

“I’m ready to take the reins of my narrative and leverage my voice to create compelling content that resonates with authenticity, meaning, and impact. This platform empowers me to not just be a player in the game, but a game-changer in storytelling, pushing boundaries, and moving the needle forward.”

“We’re delighted with the addition of Chiney and Alysha, as our newest investors and partners. We’re committed to the elevation of women’s sports, and both of these ladies are incredibly talented both on and off the court, shared Castellaw.

As for Clark, the Las Vegas Aces’ forward is the reigning WNBA’s Sixth Player of the Year, and also a chef, and the host of Off-Seasoning with Alysha Clark. She is a star on the court, in the kitchen, and in the community. Off the court, Clark is a wholeheartedly dedicate to the community initiatives nurturing her profound love for culinary arts. As she honed her skills as a chef over the years.  

“I’m so humbled to be joining PlayersTV as an athlete investor and partner. To have the opportunity, alongside Chiney, to keep challenging the notion that athletes are one dimensional is so exciting. Finally getting to bring my brand new show Off-Seasoning to life as the first female athlete on the platform with a cooking show is pretty special. To be quite frank, opportunities like this don’t come around often for players like me, so to know I am helping open the door for future generations while sharing stories on my show that are authentic and leave others feeling inspired is pretty freaking amazing,” said Alysha Clark.

Off-Seasoning with Alysha Clark use my preparation working with different cultures all over the world as an athlete to translate into creating in a relaxed environment. Filled with food, stories and off-beat subject matters, the show will tackle every topic you can think of in an unfiltered and fun way. Off-Seasoning will air on PlayersTV this May.

“We are thrilled to appoint Michele Ghee as our inaugural Chairwoman and welcome Alysha Clark and Chiney Ogwumike as investor owners,” said Deron Guidrey, Co-Founder of PlayersTV. “Their combined expertise and commitment to excellence will propel PlayersTV to new heights as we continue to redefine sports lifestyle and culture.”

Players TV, a prominent platform connecting leisure, culture, and tradition, is led by a remarkable team under the guidance of Ghee, with Ogwumike and Clark as esteemed companions. By transforming the network and enhancing opportunities for both participants and athlete-fans alike, they aspire to illuminate a path toward a more radiant tomorrow.


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