Colts’ Wide Receiver Michael Pitman Jr Spends His Offseasons As A Famer

In the world of professional football, the offseason is often a time for rest and recovery. However, for Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr., the offseason takes a unique turn as he trades in the roar of the crowd for the tranquility of the farm. Hailing from the Los Angeles area and having played collegiate football at USC, Pittman’s life off the field showcases a surprising and down-to-earth side that contrasts with his on-field intensity.

While many NFL players might indulge in leisure during the offseason, Pittman takes a different approach. The wide receiver rises early to undertake farm chores, a routine that involves mucking horse stalls, feeding animals, and checking the chicken coop. Sharing snippets of his morning duties on social media, Pittman’s commitment to rural responsibilities adds a layer of authenticity to his persona, revealing a passion for a life beyond the gridiron.


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As Pittman tends to the farm, he also finds himself at a crossroads in his football career. Having just completed his four-year rookie contract, which paid him over $8 million, the wide receiver faces the possibility of becoming a free agent in March. Despite his eligibility for free agency, the Colts have expressed a keen interest in retaining Pittman as part of their roster.

Negotiations for a new contract are on the horizon, and Pittman’s football future is up in the air. Whether he signs a long-term deal or if the Colts choose to use the franchise tag on him, one thing is certain: Pittman is in for a substantial payday. In 2024, estimates suggest that a one-deal, franchise-tag agreement for a wide receiver could reach around $20 million. The exact figures will be unveiled once the NFL establishes the salary cap for the upcoming season.

Pittman’s commitment to both farm life and football underscores his multifaceted personality. While he excels on the football field, his willingness to embrace the simplicity of rural living reveals a grounded and humble side. This unique blend of experiences sets Pittman apart in a league often associated with glamour and fame.

As Michael Pittman Jr. navigates the offseason balancing act between tending to the farm and contemplating his football future, fans are offered a glimpse into the life of a professional athlete who values authenticity and hard work both on and off the field. Whether he continues his journey with the Colts or explores new opportunities, Pittman’s story serves as a reminder that success can be found in unexpected places, and a down-to-earth approach can be a winning strategy both in football and in life.

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