Mercury’s Sophie Cunningham Speaks On Potential Collaborations With Fashion Designers & Making Business Moves Off The Court

Before they even step foot on the court, WNBA players such as the Phoenix Mercury’s Sophie Cunningham like to make a statement when they arrive at the arena with their pre-game outfits. Earlier this month, Cunningham turned heads when she arrived for work as the Phoenix Mercury faced the Los Angeles Sparks.

Cunningham wore an all-black ensemble that included a black dress, a black bag, and black heels. The bold statement allowed the five-year professional to display her sense of style. She posted the outfit on her Instagram with the caption, “Don’t try me.”


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Cunningham recently spoke before the Mercury took on the Dallas Wings about potential collaborations in the world of fashion.

“I’m just doing my own thing this year,” Cunningham told PlayersTV.

“I need to find a stylist, so if anyone is a stylist hit me up. I’m just trying to be femine, elegant, and sexy. Just trying to show you can be a bad ass on the court, but also be a bad ass off the court as well.”

Who would she want to collaborate with or would she like to start her own line?

“Definitely don’t want to start my own line, I think that would be a hot mess knowing me. I don’t know I love Blake Lively’s look, she is femine, but she kind of got the suit, which I absolutely love. But, when it comes to collabs, I would literally collab with anyone if it fits my style and my morals. So, why not,” said Cunningham.

Sophie recently leveraged her visibility and partnered with Quest Nutrition to promote a chocolate cookie with protein. 

“I’m cheating on my kitchen with Quest Nutrition. No need to bake anymore when I can have these protein packed cookies.”


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She has also partnered with another company called, “Mad Hippie,” which is a beauty, cosmetic & personal care brand.

“Our underlying commitment is to increasing beauty around the world. And, we don’t mean beauty simply from the esthetic standpoint. We mean real beauty: The beauty of love, of health & self confidence, of community & optimism.”


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She is also sponsored by Adidas. So, Cunningham has been able to help build her brand and visibility off the court with strategic partnerships in the cosmetic and nutrition industries. 

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