Mavs’ Darrell Armstrong Speaks On Celebrity Bowling Tourney To Raise Money For The Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies

Almost 21 years ago, Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Darrell Armstrong and the Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies, Inc. In partnership with the Florida Hospital East opened the Darrell Armstrong Child Development Center. The facility provides resources for premature babies and their families in Central Florida.

Armstrong started the Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies, Inc. Because he had two preemies with his ex-wife. He also had dealt with something similar with his brother and niece while in college.

“I had two preemies with my ex wife, but not only with her even when I was in college my brother had a preemie. My niece was a preemie, so, I kinda knew what was going on and the things she had to go through,” said Armstrong.

“She had a lot of surgeries with her ankles, they had to reset her ankles and feet. So, I kind knew what was going on with the preemies, but always hit home when it hits you. Even though it was my brother, it hits you. So, that is what made me start my foundation. First my daughter Malia Armstrong, she was a preemie, and then Darrell Jr. he was a preemie. Everything was good all they had to do is regulate their temperature and gain a little weight, and they were out of there in a week. ”

According to, Armstrong’s daughter, Malia, was born after 36 weeks and weighed three pounds and eight ounces. And his son, Darrell Jr., was born after 34 weeks and weighed four pounds and eight ounces.

In 2019, Dr. Rajan Wadhawan, who is the senior executive officer of AdventHealth for Women and AdventHealth for Children, present the Maverick assistant coach with the award.

Courtesy of Darrell Armstrong

Today Malia is 27 years old, while Darrell Jr. is 21 years old.

What can we expect from Armstrong this summer?  He along with the Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies, Inc. plans on raising money through a bowling tournament and basketball camps.

“The same thing trying to raise money for my foundation with basketball camps. Since COVID we haven’t had a chance to do a charity event weekend, and we will do bowling and golf. So,  hopefully, this year we can get back to at least something, even if it is bowling, and have celebs come out to bowl. Just raise money for the Premature Babies Foundation.”

Armstrong did share with PlayersTV, that he would like to have Hall Of Fame nominee, Vince Carter, and Hall of Famer Grant Hill could be in attendance this summer. Per Armstong, “Vince is a great bowler. He has bowled in my charity event tournament a couple of times, he and Grant Hill. Hopefully, I get a chance to see him [Vince Carter]  this summer also play a lot of golf with him in Orlando when I’m down there. Hopefully, we can get it together where we can get him, and a couple of other guys to bowl. I think that is our main objective this year is to do the bowling tournament and my two basketball camps are already set. Maybe no golf this year, but to have something in place to raise money for the foundation.”

Currently Armstrong along with the rest of the Dallas Mavericks coaching staff is looking to lead the franchise to their first NBA Finals appearance 2011. When they won the whole thing, they are currently in the NBA Finals again, and are down 0-1 against the Boston Celtics.

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