Legendary Boxer Mike Tyson Debuts Energy Pouches Line With LFGO!™

LFGO! Inc. The launch of its innovative dietary supplement line, LFGO!TM energy pouches, in partnership with boxing legend Mike Tyson have been announced with pride. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the energy sector, offering a clean and efficient energy boost to health-conscious consumers.

LFGO!TM energy pouches has 200mg of natural caffeine and six essential vitamins and minerals, which provide an energy boost without the sugar. Active adults looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to improve their daily performance can take advantage of this innovative approach.

Mike Tyson, preparing for his high-profile bout on November 15, has been named a brand ambassador for LFGO!™. He expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “LFGO!™ increases my energy and keeps me focused. It’s cleaner and easier to consume than an energy drink, making it the perfect addition to my training regime.”

David Cynamon, Chairman at LFGO! Inc. emphasized the company’s commitment to excellence, stating:“Our partnership with Mike Tyson demonstrates our belief in LFGO!™ as a game changer in the energy category. Mike exemplifies the peak performance and resilience we aim to support with our innovative products.”

The official launch will be celebrated at The H.Wood Group‘s 10th annual Red, White, and Bootsy 4th of July Party, hosted at Nobu Malibu, featuring Mike Tyson’s appearance.

LFGO!™ energy pouches are now available on the LFGO!™ website and on Amazon.com.

Visit lfgoenergy.com to explore LFGO!™ products and learn more about the brand.

LFGO!™ revolutionizes the energy category with its innovative on-the-go energy pouches, combining natural caffeine and essential vitamins and minerals to deliver a sugar-free, clean energy boost. Designed for active, health-conscious adults, LFGO!™ is the ideal energy solution for anyone needing a quick and efficient boost.

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