Mavs’ Kyrie Irving Discusses Navigating Family and Business in the World of Sports

Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving’s choice to have his stepmom Shetellia Riley, as his agent transcends being a mere distinctive feature of his professional life; it is a purposeful decision reflecting his profound commitment to family, ownership, and gender equality. In a recent interview with PlayersTV’s Janerika Owens, Irving shared insights into how he and his stepmom Shetellia Riley navigate the intricate balance between family dynamics and the demanding world of professional basketball.

Irving highlighted the significance of maintaining a harmonious balance between family and business, stating, “We strive for a healthy equilibrium between our family life and our business endeavors.” He believes this delicate balance is the cornerstone of their success, fostering mutual appreciation for each other’s strengths and enabling seamless collaboration.


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Since a young age, Irving envisioned establishing a family-operated enterprise, taking full ownership of his talents both on and off the court. He passionately spoke about valuing the presence of family members in decision-making, ensuring choices align with his values and aspirations. Irving expressed a desire for more families to actively participate in the entertainment industry, emphasizing the importance of teaching youth to rely on qualified and passionate family members. He added, “It’s something we should teach our young ones—to lean on their family if they have the skills and passion for it.”

When questioned about having a woman, particularly his, overseeing everything, Irving promptly addressed the necessity for gender equality in the workplace, asserting, “Yes, in the workplace, gender equality is crucial.” According to him, any collaborative effort should be grounded in integrity and morality, with a firm commitment to a zero-tolerance policy for toxicity.

Irving voiced full support for women in the industry, emphasizing the importance of creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. “So, for me, it’s about focusing on our goals every single day, remaining rooted and grounded in our mission—to help humanity draw closer to God and continue selflessly serving,” he stated.

Kyrie Irving’s career approach serves as a testament to the significance of family principles and values. By incorporating these principles into every facet of his business endeavors, Irving is not only shaping his career but also actively contributing to a larger discourse on the role of family in the realm of professional sports. His path, guided by his stepmom Shetellia Riley in managing business affairs, serves as an inspiring illustration of how family values can propel success in the professional sports arena, offering a refreshing reminder of the potency inherent in remaining true to one’s roots and principles amidst external pressures.

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