Kelsey Plum Was Heavily Involved With The Creative Process Of Her Kingmakers Cigars Line

Kelsey Plum has been known for lighting the scoreboard, and now she’ll be lighting her own cigar too.

Last month, Kingmakers Cigars announced that they will launch a signature cigar for the all-star guard of the Las Vegas Aces.

The Aces’ championship parade last season saw Plum go viral for smoking a cigar. Kingmakers Cigars were a perfect fit for her because of that alone.

On Instagram, she posted multiple photos from the celebration.

“Celebrate the wins in life with those who are there every step of the way,” Plum shared on Instagram. “Really my own cigar ….Yesterday was a dream, I’m floating.”


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Recently, Nick Hamilton of The Hardwood 94 spoke with Plum about here new partnership with Kingmakers Cigars.

“Working on it for a while actually, since the last game of the off-season. Really putting together flavors and packaging with Kingmakers, and I’m really grateful for that opportunity,”  said Plum.

“It has been a lot of fun. My family has been heavily involved, and I was definitely hands-on with it. Picking the different flavors, tobacco, and a lot of cigar research.”


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This description was shared by Kingmakers regarding the cigar itself:

KELSEY PLUM’S Signature Cigar is adorned with a light, golden-brown Connecticut wrapper. The smooth, velvety texture with a slight sheen hints at the delightful smoking experience to come. Firm to the touch, the cigar is meticulously crafted, showcasing a flawless appearance and a seamless body – a testament to its high-quality construction.

This cigar embodies the spirit of Kelsey Plum – a champion on and off the court. Just like her game, this smoke is a celebration of finesse and focus, offering a refined experience that lingers long after the final puff. Light one up and commemorate your own victories, big or small, like a true champion.

Smoking her signature cigars after another championship run with the Aces would be a dream come true for Plum.

The Aces are capable of making that happen this season thanks to players like Plum.


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