Jayson Tatum Honors WNBA Star Dana Evans with Custom Tatum 2s in Game 2

For as long as we can remember, sneakers have been an integral part of NBA culture. From the iconic eras of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to current stars like Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic, every great player aspires to have their own signature shoe. Jayson Tatum achieved this milestone last year with the release of his first signature sneaker, the Tatum 1, by Jordan Brand. Earlier this year, the highly anticipated Tatum 2s were launched, and Tatum took to the court in Game 2 against the Pacers wearing a special version of these shoes that paid homage to WNBA star Dana Evans, leaving her visibly moved.


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As Tatum stepped onto the floor, fans quickly noticed that the Celtics superstar was sporting Dana Evans’ player-exclusive (PE) version of the Tatum 2 sneakers. Featuring Evans’ DE11 logo on the tongue and draped in the Chicago red and black colors, the shoes were a heartfelt tribute to the Chicago Sky star. This touching gesture from Tatum brought Evans to tears, as she expressed her gratitude on social media with a heartfelt post, writing “perioddddd” accompanied by a heart and teary-eyed emoji on X (formerly Twitter).

Dana Evans, like Jayson Tatum, is a member of the Jordan family. Signing with the iconic brand two years ago alongside that year’s #1 pick, Rhyne Howard, Evans made history by becoming the first NBA or WNBA player to win a title in Chicago and sign with Jordan Brand since Michael Jordan himself. “I was always a sneakerhead, and now understanding that Jordans are a symbol of excellence and being a part of the Jordan Brand Family is everything I thought it would be and more,” Evans said after her historic signing.

Seeing Tatum wear her PE sneakers during the Eastern Conference Finals was undoubtedly a significant moment for Evans. However, this isn’t the first time she has witnessed or participated in such a gesture. Last year, during the final game of the WNBA regular season, Evans was seen wearing the PE version of the Jordan Luka 2s. Named ‘The Intro’, Evans’ custom Luka Doncic sneakers created a buzz on the internet.

Evans has always been passionate about sneakers and loves to express herself through her footwear on the court. After donning the Luka PE version, she remarked, “It means a lot because I like to express myself on the court, whether that’s just having my nails, lashes or hair done, and now I’m able to do it through a shoe.” Seeing her shoes worn on such a prominent stage as the NBA Conference Finals is yet another milestone for Evans.

Jayson Tatum’s decision to wear Dana Evans’ custom sneakers is a testament to the growing bond between the NBA and WNBA, highlighting mutual respect and support among players across the leagues. It also underscores the power of sneakers as a medium of expression and connection in basketball culture. As sneaker culture continues to evolve, gestures like these serve as a reminder of the unity and shared passion that define the world of professional basketball.

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