In A League Of Her Own: The Unparalleled Rise To Stardom Of Flau’Jae Johnson

Flau’Jae, The LSU star is more than just an athlete, she is a force to be reckoned with as a music artist, and in the world of fashion. 

The basketball sensation has also been able to acquire an impressive NIL valuation of $1.2 million, and recently made headlines at the 2024 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Johnson took the stage to share her perspectives on her three biggest passions: basketball, music, and fashion.

“People are going to discredit me because I rap and I hoop, so I know I got to go extra hard,” said Johnson in an interview with ESPN’s Holly Rowe.

“She does rap, her new single is ‘It Ain’t My Fault,’ but today, this win was your fault.” “It is our fault!”



Debut Album Dropped Today Featuring Lil Wayne And NLE Choppa 

Flau’Jae’s debut album ‘Best Of Both Worlds’, which dropped Friday features one of the best artists of our generation with Lil Wayne and one of the hottest artists in the game today in NLE Choppa.

Johnson earlier this week announced an exciting collaboration with five-time Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne in a message for her fans. Their upcoming single, which is set to drop on July 9th, was recently discussed during a video call.

Johnson expressed her excitement by stating that the collaboration was a “blessing.” She said.

“Thank you for blessing me, man. This is a blessing. This is legendary right here. I can’t wait to shoot the video… whole like LSU theme, like Louisiana, really put on for the state for real.”

At the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Flau’jae Johnson shared the exciting back story of her new song ‘Came Out A Beast.’ The song features Lil Wayne off of her debut album called ‘Best Of Both Worlds’, which dropped at midnight Friday morning. The ‘Came Out A Beast’ was produced by Dolla Boy, Flau’Jae in the featured single she referenced her national championship team from 2023, her former teammate Angel Reese, and Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. 

“Keep a double I feel like I’m Reese.”

NLE Choppa is also featured on the project on her single ‘AMF.’ In the single Johnson reference six time NBA Champion and Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen.

“I’m Pippen like I’m Scottie.”

Johnson’s debut project can now be streamed on all digital platforms.

She revealed in a conversation with Axios, that Sue Bird, a basketball legend, played a significant role in bringing the project to life. Flau’jae recounted how Bird, who is a proponent of athletes exploring creative outlets, helped Flau’jae connect with industry contacts and urged her to pursue her music passion. The track was created thanks to Bird’s mentorship and support in connecting Flau’jae with Lil Wayne.


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Star-Studded Video Lineup 

Lil Wayne suggested that the video would feature famous LSU alumni such as Shaquille O’Neal, but Johnson had a different star in mind. “I’m thinking about Joe Burrow,” she said. In addition, they considered adding track star Sha’Carri Richardson to complete the cast of stars.

Fashion and Personal Style: A Conversation with Joy Taylor

During one of the panel discussions, Fox Sports host Joy Taylor delved into another aspect of Johnson’s life — her fashion sense. Taylor asked Johnson how fashion is incorporated into her daily life and how it affects her as an athlete and artist.

“I’m the wearing-anything type,” Johnson responded. “I’m really a huge hoodie and sweatpants type of girl, right? I love to be comfy; I love to be cool. But I’m just getting into more, like, fewer layers, different styles, more patterns, more textures, more skirts, and things like that. I think it’s just about expressing myself more. I don’t really care what people think about; I just try to walk it in and own it because, at the end of the day, it’s my style.”


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The New York Influence

Johnson described the evolution of her personal style, particularly after a transformative visit to New York City. “I went to New York, and it changed my life. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to New York, but there are clothes all on the street… and everybody had their own style. I would look out and be like, ‘Wow, I’m actually inspired by that.’ It has individuality to it that I really, really love,” she added.

Embracing Fashion on Social Media

Johnson’s career has definitely incorporated fashion into it. Her Instagram is proof of her evolving style, showcasing a range of outfits and the most current fashion trends that she embraces with confidence and flair.


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A Journey of Versatility and Self-Expression

Flau’jae Johnson’s dynamic basketball court performances, rhythmic rapper skills, and bold fashion statements continue to break boundaries and inspire. Her journey is a testament to the power of versatility and self-expression as she moves forward.

She represents a new generation of athletes who are willing to embrace their diverse interests and talents as she navigates the worlds of sports, music, and fashion. Her ability to blend the intensity of college basketball with the creativity of rapping, while developing a unique personal style, makes her a prominent figure in today’s cultural landscape. 

Johnson’s fashion sense continues to evolve while she anticipates her debut album ‘Best of Both Worlds’ release, highlighted by her new singles with Lil Wayne & NLE Choppa, and she remains a source of inspiration for young athletes and artists across the globe. 

Her journey serves as a strong reminder that success is not limited to one path but can be enhanced by the courage to explore and excel in different fields. Flau’jae Johnson is a rising star with her relentless drive and innovative spirit, ready to make an indelible mark in any field she decides to conquer next.

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