How LeBron James Is Building a Legacy in Two Worlds

LeBron James’ arrival with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 resulted in him becoming the driving force behind one of the most significant acquisitions in recent NBA history. James played a key role in pushing the organization to bring in Anthony Davis the following season, as he recognized the need for a formidable co-star. 

The Lakers won the championship in their first season together thanks to James and Davis’ stunning strategic move. During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live,  Davis told Jimmy Kimmel that he received a text message from James within 10-15 minutes.

“[James sent a] long text: ‘Yeah, bro! We finally got you now!'” Davis said, recalling the text. “He was excited. That was a good feeling just to have someone like that be one of the first people to text me.”

Their journey to the 2019-20 championship was unique, as it was marked by the unprecedented challenges posed by both the COVID-19 pandemic and the NBA’s Orlando bubble.

The Bubble Championship

The coronavirus pandemic caused an abrupt halt in the 2019-20 NBA season in March 2020, putting the league in uncharted territory. The NBA set up a bubble environment at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida to safely begin and conclude the season. Teams were locked up in hotels with strict health policies and limited interaction outside of games and practices. Despite this isolation posed significant mental and emotional challenges for many players, it also created a unique camaraderie and encouraged a strong focus on the championship goal.

“This was very challenging, and very difficult,” James said afterward. “It played with your mind, and it played with your body. You’re away from some of the things you’re so accustomed to [that] make you the professional you are.

“This is right up there with one of the greatest accomplishments I have.”

Madden NFL Tournament: A Bubble Distraction

During their extended stay in the bubble, Lakers players found creative ways to pass the time and maintain their competitive edge. One of the most popular activities was a Madden NFL tournament, which saw fierce competition among teammates. This gaming distraction became a notable part of the bubble experience, especially for LeBron James.

James, known for his competitive spirit on the court, extended this mindset to the virtual gridiron. His performance in the Madden tournament was less than stellar initially, which fueled his determination to improve. This drive to excel, even in a video game, highlighted the relentless competitive nature that has defined his illustrious career.

LeBron’s Madden Mastery

Anthony Davis made it clear on the ‘Join The Lobby‘ podcast that LeBron James is now ranked in the top 1,000 Madden NFL players four years after being in the Orlando bubble. James’s dedication to honing his skills in every arena, whether it’s basketball or video games, is exemplified by this remarkable improvement.

“It made him to the point where he was like, ‘I’m locking back in,'” Davis recalled. “When I say he locked back in, from that time in the bubble till right now, I think now he’s maybe top 1000 in the world now. I know, late in the season, he told us he beat the 164th best player in the world, I think.”

James frequently uses social media to showcase his Madden skills, often showing his dominance over his counterparts. His 500th win in EA Sports’ popular video game was a significant milestone that he celebrated recently. James’s Madden success is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence, as he won 500 games and lost just 107.

Social Media Reactions

James’s achievement in Madden sparked a flurry of reactions on social media:

  • “I’d be sick if LeBron dropped a 28 pt triple double then came home and whooped me in Madden,” shared griffinblanco1.
  • “The next time someone tells you they ‘don’t have time,’ remind them that LeBron is a top 2 player all time and had 500 h2h wins in Madden,” posted natedl0425.
  • “First athlete named LeBron James to win 500 games in EA Sports Madden NFL 24 after being born in Akron, Ohio at the Summa Health System on December 30th, 1984,” joked antrejo13.
  • “500 wins and only 107 losses? Bron is actually nasty at Madden wtf lol,” reacted bgn_hoops.
  • “MJ couldn’t do this,” quipped cedricblatch.

LeBron’s Competitive Edge

James’ ability to achieve a high win rate in Madden while still maintaining elite performance in the NBA is truly astounding. Whether in sports or video games, his unwavering dedication to improvement is a testament to his unparalleled work ethic and competitive nature. LeBron James’ accomplishments are not limited to winning on the court and in life, but also conquering the virtual gridiron.

Madden Showdowns and Team Dynamics

LeBron’s admiration for Madden NFL has even led to friendly rivalries with other celebrities. In a significant manner, rapper Doe Boy criticized James for a Madden match, which James recorded and shared, demonstrating his ability to score touchdowns and Doe Boy’s escalation of frustration.

James’ teammates are well-aware of his Madden skills. According to Jaxson Hayes, the Lakers frequently participate in Madden competitions, with LeBron being recognized as the team’s best player.  “We have a Madden group chat… Right now it’s Bron, but I will get up there soon. We do randoms but he likes the Eagles a lot, he plays with the Dolphins and Jaguars too. (The worst is) JHood. He needs to get his Madden skills up.”

LeBron’s commitment to the game is further emphasized by Anthony Davis’s statement that LeBron plays 15-20 Madden games a day.

Streaming and the Future

LeBron has even considered taking his Madden skills to a wider audience through live streaming. His tweet, “Thinking of live streaming my @EAMaddenNFL games when I play. 🤔 Who should I stream with? Meaning which platform brand,” hints at a potential new venture that could delight fans and gamers alike.

The tweet also caught the attention of Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Micah Parsons, who hilariously issued a playful challenge to James. Parsons tweeted “Play me bron!! I win I want a jersey!!

It didn’t take James long to reply to Parsons, and wrote Bet.


LeBron James has had a journey with the Los Angeles Lakers that has been marked by strategic moves, championship success, and an unwavering competitive spirit. He proves his excellence in Madden NFL, where his dominance extends beyond the basketball court. LeBron James is a true competitor and winner, whether he leads his team to NBA championships or dominates in video games.


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