Four-Time All-Star Devin Booker To Be Featured In COD MW3 & Warzone

It is heavily documented that four-time NBA All-Star Devin Booker is a gamer, and one of his favorite games to play is Call of Duty. Booker is not the only NBA player who is a fan of the game other players include,  Karl Anthony Towns, Paul George, Kevin Garnett, De’Aaron Fox, and Kevin Durant.

Last year, Kevin Durant was featured in the limit-time season 3 reload event of Modern Warfare 2. Activision made the future Basketball Hall of Famer a playable character when fans purchased exclusive in-a-store bundle set. Earlier this season, Durant described how the collaberation came about.

“Yeah, I mean I made a call and told him I was interested and they was interested too, said Durant.
“We made it work man. It was dream come true I play Call of Duty all the time man until I see myself and hear myself in the game is pretty dope.”
When the news broke that Durant would be in the game, his teammate Devin Booker wasn’t to happy that Durant didn’t spill the beans. Apparently, Booker talks about the game everyday.
“I talk about it every day and (Durant) didn’t even bring it up to me,” he shared with the Arizona Republic. “I hit him up this morning like, ‘Come on bro. You weren’t even going to let me know. I need a code or something,’ but that’s exciting.”
Durant replied, “I got a lot of people asking for codes man. “I got to take care of Book.”
Well fast forward a year, Activision has confirmed, that Booker will actually be a playable character in Modern War Fare and Warzone.
“The mid-season update brings Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker to the fight in a Store Bundle that transfers the star’s shooting skils from the court to the battlefield. Expect an array of other exciting new Bundles coming in the mid-season.”


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During a recent appearance on the Aux Money Podcast, Kevin Durant shared that Devin Booker is an elite player in Warzone, who average 12 kills per game, according to

“Yo Book is really, he really like he’ll get like 16. He averaging at least 12 a game in Resurgence, said Durant. “I’m just playing with the homies who probably just a little bit better than me. Getting dubs [and] getting dubs getting damage… I jump out the window with the pizza box I’d be scared as hell yeah.”

For the Phoenix Suns, Booker averaged 27.1 points, 4.5 rebounds, 6.9 assists. He is also averaging 49.2 overall, 36.4 from three, and 88.6 from the charity stripe.


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