Former NFL Cornerback Robert Nelson Jr. & Oautica Wave Launches the AK-1 Hyperbaric Chamber

Robert Nelson Jr., a former NFL cornerback known for his impressive eight-season career, has ventured into the health and wellness industry with his latest innovation, the Alkaline-1 or AK-1 Hyperbaric Chamber. This cutting-edge product will soon be available online at, bringing top-tier recovery technology to athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

During his time in the NFL, Nelson invested in a $30,000 hyperbaric chamber, which he credits as a crucial component of his performance and recovery regimen. “I lived by this,” Nelson said, reflecting on his NFL career. “But I wanted to make it more affordable for everyone, and we did just that.”

Over the past five years, Nelson dedicated himself to developing a hyperbaric chamber that not only matched but surpassed the technology he used during his professional career. “I wanted to create my own but with better technology from an NFL player aspect, and I did it,” he explained. The result is the AK-1 Hyperbaric Chamber, a state-of-the-art recovery tool designed to give athletes a competitive edge.

Nelson is confident that the AK-1 is a game-changer. “This hyperbaric chamber is basically a cheat code for athletes,” he asserted. “If you don’t have one, you will lose to those who do.”


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The AK-1 Hyperbaric Chamber will be available for purchase online, but Nelson is also offering sessions locally in Tempe, Arizona. These sessions will be held inside Die Trying Training Facility Gym, a premier fitness facility dedicated to helping individuals achieve peak performance. For more information about these sessions, interested parties can contact Devon Tillman.

Nelson’s transition from professional athlete to entrepreneur highlights his commitment to sharing the benefits of advanced recovery technology with a broader audience. By making the AK-1 Hyperbaric Chamber more accessible, he aims to revolutionize the way athletes approach recovery and performance enhancement.

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