Ex-Seattle Seahawks Linebacker Lofa Tatupu On His Venture Into Beer, Cannabis, And Podcast Industries

Lofa Tatupu, a former NFL linebacker with the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons, has discovered a new passion for podcasting and business ventures. Tatupu, along with actor Brett Davern, hosts the ‘Take 12’ podcast, where he shares his unique perspective on football and life after the NFL. The podcast allows him to discuss the sport he loves in his own way.

“Yeah, podcast game is crazy, but, you know, it’s a chance to do media on your own terms,” Tatupu shared with PlayersTV. “And so I think that’s the cool thing you’re not sensing. You can swear, yeah, do whatever you want, but both sides just chance for me to talk football from my lens, you know, as a player, as a coach. Yeah, I really enjoy it.”

Tatupu’s endeavors extend beyond podcasting. He has invested in the beer industry with 51 Savage by Savage Brewing Company. Additionally, he has ventured into the cannabis and CBD industries, investing in 1937 Farms in Washington and ZoneIn CBD.

Tatupu’s six-year NFL career was marked by numerous injuries. “It took everything in me to get my body and mind back in unison to get back on the field,” he recalls. “By the time I was in my fourth or fifth year, it felt like 28, 35 years of playing.”

During his career, Tatupu underwent five arthroscopic knee surgeries and suffered a lateral compartment injury in his leg. His career was ended by torn ligaments in his wrist and ankle, broken thumb twice, five serious concussions, and torn both pectoral muscles.

These injuries are common among the many professional football players. “It’s very unnatural, as a human, to subject yourself to that, if that’s what you’re asking,” Tatupu shared.

Tatupu’s body was still affected by the toll of two decades of football even after he retired in 2012. Despite being 37, he feels rejuvenated and attributes his improved well-being to the cannabis plant and full-spectrum CBD oil. In his opinion, his professional career could have been extended if he had found it earlier.

Tatupu’s transition from the NFL to the cannabis industry began in 2015 when he discovered Fairwinds Manufacturing’s full-extraction cannabis oil in Washington. The impact was immediate and substantial. “I slept through the night and woke up pain-free the next morning,” he recalls. “The pain sensation was getting less and less because, obviously, the inflammation was going down.”

His experience with cannabis oil led him to the gym, where he felt so good that he spent hours shooting hoops. As each day brought more progress, he was compelled to get involved in the industry to assist others.


Tatupu’s journey from the gridiron to business and podcasting exemplifies resilience and adaptability. He gives his football insights and personal experiences through the ‘Take 12’ podcast, while investing in the beer and cannabis industries reflects his commitment to health and entrepreneurship. Tatupu is still an inspirational figure, using his platform to promote wellness and personal growth as he continues to navigate life after the NFL.

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