Devin Booker & Nike Debut Forrest Gump Inspired Book 1 PEs

Four-time NBA All-Star Devin Booker and Nike recently debuted the Forrest Gump Inspired Book 1 PEs. This version of  Devin Booker’s shoe features the iconic Nike Cortez colorway worn in the 1994 movie. The shoes are slated to be available n

This is the perfect time for Devin Booker and Nike to debut the Nike Cortez which will feature the classic white, varsity red, varsity blue, and metallic silver colorway. Right before the Team USA  Men’s Basketball heads over to Paris, France to compete in the 2024 Olympics.

Devin Booker would elect to showcase his new PEs on April 10th against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Phoenix Suns would go on the beat the Clippers 124-108. Devin Booker would finish that game with 37 points, one point, and four assists.

Former NBA star and three-time Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson approves.

“These go crazy, Robinson comments in Nice Kicks’ comment section on Instagram. The great Olympian of All-Time, Michael Phelps shared fire emojis in the comment section of the collaboration between the Phoenix Suns and BRKicks on Instagram.



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Booker has been inspired by numerous Nike sneakers and their color patterns to create PEs, contributing to the shoe`s mixture of lifestyle wear, and classic design. Earlier this season, Devin Booker labeled it as a “future classic.’

“Early on, we landed on the phrase ‘future classic,’” Booker said. “At the beginning of the design process, we landed o, gin the idea of the shoe combining lifestyle and performance worlds. The goal was to create something that would be timeless.”

According to a Nike press release that made the media rounds last September, Devin Booker gave the development team a couple of silhouettes. Those few silhouettes included the Air Force 1, the Blazer, and the AJ1. Booker is also inspired inspiration from his love of old school cars like a 1972 Chevy Blazer K5, which he calls ‘Uncle Larry.” He turned the vintage car into a low-rider. Booker replaced the original engine in the Chevy Blazer and installed a modern high-performance engine. By maintaining the car’s original patina, and giving the vehicle a vintage exterior.


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