Derrick White Embraces Boston Culture in New Sam Adams Commercial

Boston Celtics point guard Derrick White is renowned for his stellar two-way play on the court, but he’s recently traded in his green and white jersey for a different kind of uniform—as Your Cousin from Boston in the latest Samuel Adams commercial.

Joining an illustrious lineup of Boston sports stars like Kevin Garnett and David Ortiz, White becomes the newest face in the iconic Sam Adams ad series. The commercial showcases White’s transformation into “full Bahston,” donning the signature blue flannel shirt, Carhartt jacket, and Timberland boots, a look popularized by the comical Your Cousin character. Despite his initial hesitation, White’s good-natured personality shines through as he embraces his new role.

A Colorado native, White is known for his on-court seriousness, but the ad reveals a lighter, humorous side. The storyline follows White and Your Cousin as they explore Boston together, engaging in quintessential local activities. They scratch lotto tickets, try their hand at the unique Massachusetts vernacular, and even call into a Boston sports radio show to sing praises of White’s own basketball prowess.

The fun doesn’t stop there. In a nod to his responsible nature, White suggests they opt for a non-alcoholic beer when the Cousin proposes a toast at 11 a.m., showing that even off the court, White is as thoughtful and disciplined as ever.

However, White’s dedication to his sport never wanes. As the day winds down, the commercial captures a quintessentially Bostonian twist: White practicing his aim by tossing cans of Sam Adams into a nearby trash can, seamlessly blending his athletic skills with the city’s love for its local brew.

Derrick White’s foray into the world of advertising not only highlights his versatility but also endears him further to the Boston community. The commercial is a delightful mix of humor, local culture, and sports, showcasing that whether on the court or in a commercial, White remains a star player.

The ad is a fresh addition to the series, blending the charm of Boston’s culture with the relatable persona of a beloved sports figure. It’s a win-win for Sam Adams and Celtics fans alike, celebrating both the city’s vibrant character and one of its standout athletes.

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