DeMar DeRozan Launches New YouTube Series Called “Dinners With DeMar”

In a landscape where NBA stars are increasingly venturing into the realm of podcasts and media projects, Chicago Bulls’ forward DeMar DeRozan is breaking the mold with his groundbreaking series, “Dinners With DeMar.” Teaming up with Podium Pictures and president Brett Rapkin, renowned for his work on mental health in sports, DeRozan is set to deliver a series of intimate conversations that delve deep into the realm of mental health.


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“Dinners With DeMar” is not your typical sports podcast. Rather than focusing solely on basketball or personal anecdotes, DeRozan opens up his dinner table to athletes and celebrities, engaging in profound one-on-one discussions about mental health. This innovative approach provides viewers with a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the lives of these individuals, showcasing the universal nature of mental health struggles.

The series, executive-produced by Rapkin and DeRozan, promises to deliver impactful conversations with a stellar lineup of guests. The first season features heavyweights such as Draymond Green, Dwyane Wade, and Damian Lillard, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the table.

DeRozan’s motivation behind “Dinners With DeMar” stems from a deeply personal place. As he states, “This project is extremely meaningful to me because mental health affects all walks of life.” By sharing candid and vulnerable conversations, DeRozan aims to humanize the issue of mental health and break down the stigma surrounding it.

Partnering with Podium Pictures, DeRozan and Rapkin have created a platform for impactful advocacy. Rapkin’s track record in producing projects like “The Weight of Gold” highlights his dedication to shedding light on mental health challenges in the sports world. Together, they are poised to make a significant impact on the conversation surrounding mental health awareness and stigma reduction.

The choice of guests for the first season emphasizes the series’ commitment to authenticity and relatability. Draymond Green’s openness about his struggles with mental health sets the stage for honest and meaningful discussions. Dwyane Wade’s episode promises insights into fatherhood, retirement, and the normalization of therapy within his family. Meanwhile, Damian Lillard will tackle topics such as the stigma surrounding mental health and the importance of family support.

As the NBA continues to grapple with issues of mental health, “Dinners With DeMar” emerges as a refreshing and necessary addition to the conversation. Through intimate conversations and genuine connections, DeRozan and his guests offer a beacon of hope for those struggling with their mental well-being.

In a media landscape often dominated by soundbites and sensationalism, “Dinners With DeMar” stands out as a beacon of authenticity and empathy. With its inaugural season poised to make waves, this innovative series is set to redefine the way we approach mental health conversations in sports and beyond. DeMar DeRozan’s vision is not just to entertain but to educate, inspire, and ultimately, to make a difference.

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