Pelicans’ CJ McCollum Talks About Possibly Creating Wine Content With PlayersTV

Pelicans Guard CJ McCollum has already made a name for himself, he also wants to leave a great landmark in the wine industry. As an owner of McCollum Heritage 91, a successful wine company, McCollum is changing the landscape in a predominantly white male-dominated industry and has the dream of bridging the gap by making it more approachable and more inclusive for everyone from all walks of life.

McCollum’s journey into the world of wine began during his college years, demonstrating that his passion for the grape transcends the confines of the basketball arena. What sets McCollum apart is not only his successful entry into the industry at a young age but also his commitment to bridging the gap and fostering greater representation.

Entering the industry at the age of 30 years old with not much experience, and not much representation, McCollum’s story is one of determination and resilience. His ownership of McCollum Heritage 91 is evidence of his vision and direction of making wine more accessible to everyone no matter their background.


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Recently McCollum spoke with PlayersTV and discussed the importance of creating wine content to help educate audiences and ultimately move the industry forward.

“At some point for sure. I think content is extremely important,” McCollum affirmed during the interview. As the owner of McCollum Heritage 91, he recognizes the role content plays in educating people about the intricacies of the wine industry. McCollum’s goal is not only to showcase his own product but also to shine a light on other wines that might be unfamiliar to many.

“Obviously, as an owner of McCollum Heritage 91, it is important that we continue to educate people on the wine industry and the wine business. And expose them to not only our product but other products out there that people may have never heard of,” McCollum shared.

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