Carter Verhaeghe and Fiancé Casey Engleson Bring Joy to Young Panthers Fan At JDCHospital

The excitement of the Stanley Cup Finals reached new heights when Carter Verhaeghe of the Florida Panthers, alongside his fiancé Casey Engleson, made a heartwarming visit to JDCHospital. Their visit brought smiles and unforgettable moments to Anaiyah, a dedicated 12-year-old Panthers fan who has been an inpatient at the hospital for the past 65 days.

Anaiyah, who plays several instruments, has been cheering on the Panthers throughout their championship run. She even wrote a special hype song for the team during the Stanley Cup Finals, showcasing her passion and talent. The impact of her song resonated deeply with the Panthers, leading to this special visit from Verhaeghe and Engleson.

During their visit, Verhaeghe and Engleson brought Anaiyah her very own Stanley Cup and Panthers gear, much to her delight. The young fan’s face lit up with joy as she received these special gifts, a testament to her unwavering support for the team. The visit also included a mini championship celebration, spreading happiness among the hospital’s other young Panthers fans.


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“Good luck to the Panthers, I hope you win” Aniyah sang on a video that went viral last month — and made its way to the Panthers.

“It motivated us for Game 7,’’ said Carter Verhaeghe.

Anaiyah credits music therapy with significantly improving her well-being during her hospital stay. The power of music has been a source of comfort and strength for her, making a big difference in how she feels. Her special song for the Panthers not only showcased her musical talents but also connected her with the team she loves.

The sound of Anaiyah’s special song filled the room, creating a memorable moment for everyone present. The hospital visit by Verhaeghe and Engleson was not just about gifts and celebrations but also about sharing love, hope, and encouragement with a young girl who has been a true champion in her own right.

Thank you to Carter Verhaeghe and Casey Engleson for making this day unforgettable for Anaiyah and her fellow Panthers fans. Your kindness and generosity have brought immense joy and inspiration to everyone at JDCHospital. Anaiyah, we are all cheering for you and wishing you a speedy recovery!

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