Caitlin Clark Will Make It A Priority To Connect With The Indianapolis’ Community After The Season

Recently, Indiana Pacers center Isaiah Jackson and Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark partnered and joined volunteers out in the community of Indianapolis. The two players were instrumental in starting Gainbridge’s 1001 Hours of Impact project, which aids Habitat for Humanity. They interacted with both volunteers and children, and joined a few of them on the court for a game of basketball.

The pair volunteered to build walls and flower boxes for a new home that will be given to a family in need. “The love that is shown in this community is just amazing,” Dustin Krost shared. Krost is a recipient of the Habitat for Humanity.


The Fever posted a video of Clark playing one-on-one with a young fan, who ended up scoring.


“Your sister distracted me!”



Before the Fever took on the Seattle Storm on Thursday night, Clark was asked if there were any community events in Indianapolis or back home in Des Moines, Iowa, that she was excited about or looking forward to participating in.

“Yeah, I think for myself, like obviously, moving to Indianapolis and basketball just starts right away. You don’t really get time to interact with the community, get to know the community, and get out and volunteer and do fun stuff within our community. Especially in a new place that I’m moving to and living in, you obviously want to have a great relationship with them. So, I think once basketball ends and I have some more free time, that’s definitely something I look forward to,” said Clark.

“A couple of weeks ago, I had an opportunity – I think it was really my first community event with Gainbridge. Obviously, Gainbridge Fieldhouse is where we play our games. They did a Habitat for Humanity thing where a family ended up getting a house. They had never been to a Fever game before, and they told me that when they were there. I looked at Ryan and [said] ask Ryan for tickets, and it all worked out. They were our guests at the game; it was one of the young girl’s birthdays. I think that really shows the type of impact you can have on the community. Obviously, that was just one small instance, and hopefully, I get to have a lot more of those. Once basketball ends, that will definitely be a priority.”

Caitlin Clark and Isaiah Jackson are examples of the Indiana Fever, Indiana Pacers, and the broader basketball community can look forward to a future where sports and service are partnered, promoting stronger and more connected communities.


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