Breanna Stewart and Napheesa Collier Launch Groundbreaking 3-on-3 Basketball League

A groundbreaking 3-on-3 basketball league spearheaded by two-time WNBA champion Breanna Stewart and Minnesota Lynx star Napheesa Collier is set to make its debut in just eight months. The Unrivaled League promises to revolutionize women’s professional sports with unprecedented player compensation and equity opportunities.


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A New Era in Women’s Sports Compensation

The Unrivaled League is poised to offer its athletes the highest average salaries in women’s professional sports history. Every player will earn a minimum of six figures, according to league co-founders Stewart and Collier. This significant financial commitment is designed to provide players with a lucrative alternative to the overseas contracts many WNBA players pursue during the offseason.

“It’s really important to us,” Collier told The Associated Press. “Compensation is a huge part of Unrivaled as a league and a business. All the players in this first year will have equity in the league. For players to have a piece of the pie essentially to grow their generational wealth is something we’re really excited about.”

Equity and Opportunity

Beyond competitive salaries, Unrivaled offers players equity stakes in the league, a unique aspect in professional sports. This initiative aims to empower athletes financially and allow them to benefit from the league’s growth. The average WNBA base salary is around $130,000, with top stars earning more than $500,000 through various income streams. In comparison, the salaries and equity stakes in Unrivaled present an attractive proposition for players.

“It’s amazing, not only for the salaries to be similar or more than your WNBA salary, but to be able to build brand partnerships that can’t come into the W or the NBA,” Stewart said. “It’s more than just an initial salary, but showing these companies who you are as a player.”

Structure and Format

Announced last summer, the league will run for eight weeks, featuring 30 players divided into six teams. Each team will play two games a week on a court approximately two-thirds the size of a standard WNBA court. The season will consist of four-quarter games, with each quarter shorter than those in WNBA games. Unrivaled President Alex Bazzell mentioned that the specific rules would be disclosed at a later date.

Star-Studded Investors

The league has attracted a high-profile group of investors, including former NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Steve Nash, soccer icons Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, actor Ashton Kutcher, and legendary women’s college basketball coach Geno Auriemma. This diverse group of backers not only brings financial support but also a wealth of experience and influential connections.

“It’s not just about the dollars, but the relationships they have. We’ve been very selective with the people we brought in,” Bazzell said. “Investing in women’s sports there’s a ROI for it now. We wanted to have a group of people we could call up and say ‘Hey, can you help in this area?’”

A Dream Realized

The journey to Unrivaled’s debut began two years ago with a dinner where Stewart and Collier first conceived the idea. Since then, the league has made significant strides, transforming from a concept to a soon-to-be reality.

“There’s nothing not to like about it, the only thing people are scared of is that it’s in its first year,” Stewart remarked, highlighting the challenges and excitement of launching a new sports league.


With its innovative approach to player compensation, equity stakes, and the backing of influential investors, the Unrivaled league is set to make a substantial impact on women’s professional sports. As anticipation builds for its debut, players and fans alike look forward to what promises to be a transformative season for women’s basketball.

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