Austin Ekeler Negotiates Own Deal With Commanders

Last month, PlayersTV’s owner investor Austin Ekeler agreed to a two-year deal worth $11.4 million with the Washington Commanders.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, Ekeler gets a $3 million signing bonus and $4.82M total in Year 1, with a chance to earn another $1.5M in incentives this season. As Pelissero shared in his post on X, adding Ekeler was a big addition for Dan Quinn and the rest of the Commanders brass.

After the news was official the Commanders took to their Instagram page in collaberation with Ekeler posted a video with the caption, “let’s rock ‘n roll.”


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Austin Ekeler actually negotiated his own two year deal with the Commanders, according to


Ekeler was a recent guest on The Chris Russell Show and shared why he signed with Washington.

“One of them is that money talks, and what I mean by that is – there’s two ways to interpret that, ‘who really wants you the most? and then ‘Where’s the best opportunity for you?'” Ekeler said. “And the money is gonna follow that. If somebody is bringing more money to the table it’s because they see you as fitting into their offense, they want to use you and they think that there’s an opportunity for you to succeed in their establishment.

“And that also has a simultaneous effect on me ’cause that’s what I’m looking for. I want to go to a good fit where I’m going to have an opportunity to continue to produce, to continue to establish myself and build up my career, but also add to what were trying to do offensively on the field as well.”

In a recent post on Instagram Ekeler posted a video with the caption, “New city, same mindset. I took the stairs to get here. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward to year 8.

I hope my story can be proof that you can push yourself beyond what you thought capable. Keep stacking bricks, you might just surprise yourself with how much you can do 🧱🧱🧱.”


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Last month, Ekeler announced that Ekeler’s Madness is officially underway! It is a bracket challenge, which is aligned with supporting the mission of the Austin Ekeler Foundation.

The foundation is focused on turning trial and tribulations into life lessons, but also using them to inspire passion to demonstrate qualities that push the community forward. Providing the resources needed to support youth athletes, renovating gyms and weighs in local schools.

“The reason I call it the Austin Ekeler Foundation is because I envision myself helping who I used to be as a kid,” **Ekeler told** “And that’s someone who came from a small town – not that many resources. I had a lot of support which was great, but it was just a time in my life where I was like, ‘I really don’t know what’s happening. I really don’t have any real guidance as far as what I’m trying to do later on in life.'”

He added, “I started a foundation to help those that may find themselves in situations similar to mine growing up,” said in a statement on the foundation’s website. “With your help, we can give hard-working individuals the added support they need to achieve their passions.”




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