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McCoughtry was born in Baltimore on September 9, 1986 to Roi and Sharon McCoughtry. Her father had played the forward position at Coppin State University in west Baltimore. She first played basketball at the Northwood recreation center in northeast Baltimore and later became a standout in high school at the St. Frances Academy (Baltimore, Maryland) in east Baltimore. McCoughtry also attended The Patterson School in Lenoir, North Carolina before entering college at the University of Louisville.

During her junior year at Louisville, McCoughtry broke her own records for points and steals on the season, and tied her own single-game scoring record. She played a key role in Louisville’s upset of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in the 2008 Big East tournament. In addition, McCoughtry was named an All-American as a junior, by organizations including the WBCA, USBWA, ESPN.com. McCoughtry broke the record for career scoring by a Louisville women’s basketball player during the first game of her senior year.She recorded her second triple-double (points, rebounds, steals) in a December 2008 game against the University of Hartford. She was selected 1st overall by the Atlanta Dream in the 2009 WNBA Draft.

McCoughtry led the Big East Conference in scoring, rebounding, and steals, while breaking school records for most steals in a season, most points in a season, and most points in a game. She was named Big East Player of the Year during her sophomore year in 2006–2007. In the summer of 2007, McCoughtry represented the United States on the Pan American Games women’s basketball team.

McCoughtry grew up in BaltimoreMaryland and graduated from St. Frances Academy, then spent one year at The Patterson School in North Carolina while working to attain NCAA Division I academic eligibility. She is listed at 6’1″ tall and wears jersey number 35. In 2015, McCoughtry confirmed her sexuality on social media when she came out as a free spirit with no labels who believes in connection and not society’s labels or interpretation of sexuality.

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