Amare Stoudemire Discusses Wine Baths and the Rise of Stoudamire Wines

Amare Stoudemire, the former NBA star turned wine entrepreneur, recently shared his unique approach to wellness and his ventures in the wine industry with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on Scoop B Radio. During the conversation, Stoudemire opened up about his intriguing practice of taking wine baths, a ritual that has garnered significant attention in recent times.
Stoudemire also discussed the remarkable success of his wine brand, Stoudamire Wines, which has been making waves in the industry. As a former athlete turned entrepreneur, Stoudemire’s journey in the wine world is a fascinating one, and his passion for the craft is evident in every aspect of his brand. The interview offered a unique glimpse into the life and ventures of this trailblazing entrepreneur.

The Origins of Wine Baths

When asked about his famed wine baths, Stoudemire couldn’t help but smile. “No! Stoudamire Wines is now a major deal,” he began, addressing the curiosity surrounding his unique recovery method. Stoudemire first caught the public’s attention with his unconventional use of wine baths, which he has credited with aiding in his recovery and training regimen during his basketball career.

“The wine bath was a sense of recovery and perseverance through my training attributes that I was taking on,” Stoudemire explained. The practice involves soaking in a tub filled with a blend of wine and water, which is believed to offer various health benefits, including improved circulation and reduced inflammation. While it may sound luxurious, for Stoudemire, it was part of a serious commitment to maintaining his physical health and extending his career on the court.

The Rise of Stoudamire Wines

Shifting the focus to his latest venture, Stoudemire couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for the success of Stoudamire Wines. “Stoudamire Wines is out in the world; everyone loves it, it’s outta here, it’s the new thing and it tastes great!” he declared proudly.

Since its inception, Stoudamire Wines has garnered acclaim not just in the United States, but globally. “Everyone around the country and the world actually loves Stoudamire Wines from America to France to Italy to Israel… everybody loves Stoudamire Wines!” Stoudemire’s passion for wine and dedication to quality have clearly paid off, as the brand has found fans across diverse markets.

A Blend of Passion and Perseverance

Stoudemire’s transition from the basketball court to the vineyard is a testament to his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. “But Stoudamire Wines is out in the world; everyone loves it, it’s outta here, it’s the new thing and it tastes great!” he reiterated. This venture not only reflects his refined palate but also his commitment to excellence in all his endeavors.

The success of Stoudamire Wines mirrors Stoudemire’s own journey of perseverance and hard work. Just as he pushed through physical challenges and rigorous training to excel in the NBA, he has poured the same level of dedication into crafting a wine brand that resonates with connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

The Future of Stoudamire Wines

Looking ahead, Stoudamire is optimistic about the future of his wine brand. With a growing international presence and a loyal customer base, Stoudamire Wines is poised to become a staple in the world of fine wines. “It’s outta here,” he repeated with a smile, signaling that this is just the beginning for Stoudamire Wines.

As he continues to expand his brand and explore new markets, Amare Stoudamire’s journey from NBA star to wine mogul serves as an inspiration. His ability to reinvent himself and find success in a completely different field highlights the importance of passion, perseverance, and a willingness to embrace new challenges.


Amare Stoudamire’s conversation with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on Scoop B Radio provided a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a man who has seamlessly transitioned from sports to business. His innovative use of wine baths during his playing days may have sparked curiosity, but it is his dedication to creating a top-quality wine brand that has truly captured the world’s attention. With Stoudamire Wines, he has once again proven that with hard work and a relentless pursuit of excellence, success knows no bounds.

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