Alex Sarr and Cody Williams Are Looking To Make It A Family Affair With 2024 NBA Draft

As the anticipation for Wednesday night’s NBA Draft rises, the bond between players becomes a heartwarming highlight.

Oklahoma City Thunder players Jalen Williams and Olivier Sarr spent this week catching up with their younger brothers Cody Williams and Alex Sarr are eagerly awaiting their names to be called on draft night.

The bond between the Williams and Sarr families is evident, based on shared experiences and mutual support. Jalen and Olivier, who have both established themselves in the NBA, are aware of the whirlwind of emotions and expectations that come with draft week. Their younger siblings received guidance and a sense of calm and confidence from them.

Alex Sarr: A Star in the Making

The NBL Next Stars program’s shining star, Alex Sarr, is now in New York and ready to face the most important night of his basketball career. His progression in the NBL has been remarkable, showcasing his abilities and maturity on a global level. Alex expressed his eagerness about the future during a recent conversation with Kenny Smith. “I am just looking forward to seeing all that the rest of the week has in store,” he shared.

Sarr’s time in the NBL has been pivotal in his development, giving him a chance to face seasoned professionals and fine-tune his game. Sarr’s success is a testament to the program’s effectiveness as a fertile ground for NBA hopefuls.

Alex shared with NBA Insider Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of Scoop B Radio a conversation where he revealed the player he is most eager to play in the NBA. “I can’t wait to play against LeBron James,” he said, his eyes lighting up with admiration. “He’s a legend.” Young players are often eager to measure their talents against the very best in the game, and this aspiration is common among them.

Cody Williams: Following in Big Brother’s Footsteps

Cody Williams, too, is on the cusp of his NBA journey. Following in the footsteps of his older brother Jalen, Cody has shown tremendous promise. The Williams brothers share a unique bond, with Jalen’s experience in the NBA serving as a guiding light for Cody. Their time together leading up to the draft has been filled with reflections on the past and dreams for the future.

The Thunder Connection

Cody Williams is also on the cusp of his NBA journey. Cody is following in the footsteps of his older brother Jalen and showing tremendous promise. The Williams brothers have a special connection, with Jalen’s NBA experience serving as a guide for Cody. Their time together before the draft has been dominated by thoughts about the past and aspirations for the future.

A Night to Remember

As Wednesday night approaches, you can feel the excitement and tension. The draft is not just a milestone for Alex and Cody, but also a way to achieve their dreams. Jalen and Olivier, their older siblings, are proudly by their side, ready to celebrate their accomplishments and help them through the challenges to come.

The NBA Draft is a celebration of hard work, talent, and family and friendship, not just a selection of players at the end. It’s a moment worth celebrating, a record of their journey, and a promising start to the next chapter in their basketball careers for the Williams and Sarr brothers.

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